My parents have just bought a house in Adelaide, which my brother (4th year law-grad and qualified uni-bum) has moved into. Eager to check out the new sticks I booked a flight and visited a few weekends ago. To my pleasant surprise the Adelaide Festival and well-known Fringe was also on that weekend. The sleepy town was buzzing.

I managed to cram a lot in over the Fri-Sun so this post is dedicated to my time outside the bubble (sorry for those addicted to the east, don’t fret this outside feature will not become a regular occurrence).
Some of the highlights
Fringe Festival Fun (The streets were filled with performers and pop-up shows, very bohemian)
(Ok this wasn’t a street performer she was just a random chick in a wedding dress trying to hoollahoop, possibly engaging in some form of pre-wedding ritual).
The Garden of Earthly Delights This is part of the Fringe Festival and is the largest and most popular entertainment spot during the summer festival season. Here you will find shows, special events and sideshows. This is also where they host Future Music Festival.
Cool Vintage Shops Check out nosonaked by Coco + Amanda (cool blog) for a list of Vintage Stores in Adelaide.

Distill Bar This bar is awesome! Located in the middle of Rundle St, the buzzing main drag of Adelaide CBD, the bar is well known for its organic and ethical produce cocktails. I love this concept it’s like you’re instantly allowed to have 10 because they’re healthy! They also offer a small selection of ethical food and wine that comply with a ‘100-mile diet philsophy’. This is a must-try location if ever you make it to SA.

*Rundle St hosts most of the popular bars in Adelaide and for some reason reminds me of Shoreditch London, think it’s the pavement.

Boho Bar Walking into Boho Bar you feel like you’re waiting in the wings of a theatre about to take centre stage. I’ve never been to a place like it. Well known for it’s quirky eccentric finishings this place is definately worth checking out. If you were to mix a circus, cabaret theatre and old school burlesque sideshow together this is what you’d get. We just had drinks here so I can’t comment on the menu but 10/10 for trying something different.

Adelaide Central Markets In the heart of the city you’ll find fresh produce markets full of fresh organic food. I left with a basket of the yummiest dips and cheese, fresh bread and fruit.
Adelaide Sites to check out