Monday Night Mussels

After a blissful two days away from the office Monday always seems to be the longest and hardest day of the week. Monday’s also seem the be the day people start new things. People start new jobs on a Monday, they start diets on Monday’s, they start their new work out regime on a Monday.

May I suggest you start a new ritual of eating mussels from a pot and drinking fabulous wine with friends on Monday’s instead of the above mentioned? I guarantee a relaxed night out at the start of your week will make the other four days fly by.

You can even spend a night in and invite your friends over for Monday Night Mussels.

Ms Darlinghurst’s (sloppy) Recipe for Making Mussels

1. Buy some pre-cleaned live mussels from any decent food store/seafood shop.
2. Sautee onion and garlic in a big pot.
3. Add a punnet of freshly cut cherry tomatoes and a sliced chili.
4. Splash in some white wine.
5. Add the mussels into a the pot and mix through the sauce until the shells open.

IMPORTANT: Any mussels that don’t open chuck out…they’re bad.

6. Throw some chopped flat leaf parsley in at the end.

7. Serve with fresh crusty bread, heated in the oven and a delicious glass of red wine.

Alternatively both The Winery and Gazebo have 2 for 1 mussels on every Monday night for $24 (also comes with fries). For $12 it’s probably cheaper to eat out and perhaps nicer than my random recipe above (though it has been tested and the guests seemed satisfied).

Buffalo mozarella, vine ripe tomato, basil and pesto salad from The Winery and Gazebo. Yum!!

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