Messina- My New Addiction

My flat mate and I have started a new ritual. It usually begins sometime after dinner at around 8pm. We both get this naughty look in a eye and a cheeky grin creeps across our face. Almost simultaneously we mutter the secret code “Want to go for a walk?

And walk we do, down the street, around the corner and on to Victoria St where we find ourselves standing in awe of new addiction, Gelato Messina.

If only we lived further away I’m sure our habit would be kicked by now, but then again we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of experiencing such amazing flavours. With over 40 to choose from any at one time there is a lot of tasting to be done.

My Favourites Flavours:

Pandan Coconut
Sicilian Trifle
Poached Figs in Masala
Pavlova (New)
Pear and Rhubarb

You can’t go wrong with most flavours but you can try before you buy (unlike most other addictives).

My only warning is stay away from the tomato flavour they recently introduced. Some flavours were never destined for gelato, this is one of them!

Want to share my dirty habit? Get addicted.

Gelato Messina
241 Victoria St,

Darlinghurst NSW 2010
02 83541223

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