Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted but rest assured I am alive and did manage to survive to main hump of the silly season. The past few weeks have been packed with plenty of eat, drink, play action.
Whilst it may be a little hazy I’ve managed to compile a list and I’ve checked it twice, you decide what’s naughty or nice:
  • Playing catch up and getting merry with old school friends at the local pub
  • Making out with a sexy guy on Boxing Day in my parents spa
  • Sipping margaritas at Beach Burrito in Bondi on a sunny summers day
  • Eating delicious sashimi at Sushi e with girlfriends
  • Road tripping up the coast to Forster for New Years Eve and singing Oasis Wonder wall at the top of our lungs
  • Spotting random stray poultry in the form of chickens, ducks and a big goose on the way to Forster (ok not really a highlight but it was really random how many chickens popped up randomly on the road…we took photos as evidence)!
  • Counting down to 2010 with sparklers and my New Years pash walking in to the beach party just as we all yell Happy New Year. Making out for a solid 20 minutes before even introducing him to my friends making it a good start to 2010
  • Discovering Café Dov on Victoria St, Potts Point for my new favourite breaky spot
  • Sipping Bellini’s at Hugo’s Lounge on a lazy Sunday

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