Versa Cocktails: Your Italian Summer Escape Without Leaving Home

Drink, Melbourne / 12 July 2023

Escape to the coast of Italy with these delicious Italian-inspired cocktails by Versa Cocktails, ready to drink.

Venture on a virtual escape, immersing yourself in the romance of Italy with these mouth-watering, Italian-inspired cocktails, carefully curated by Versa Cocktails. Ready to delight at any given moment, they are perfect for savouring the Italian charm.

Nonetheless, don’t allow geographic distance to discourage you. Interestingly, there’s a lively and inventive way for Melburnians to harness the coveted Euro Summer essence right in their local area. The hidden treasure? Undoubtedly, the sophisticated suite of Italian-inspired, diligently Australian-crafted, ready-to-pour Negroni & Martini offered by Versa Cocktails.

Allow yourself to envision a fluid transition from the enchanting, azure shores of the Amalfi coast directly to the inviting comfort of your backyard. Versa Cocktails facilitates an effortlessly chic European-style summer celebration with absolute ease. With their expertly mixed cocktails, they encapsulate world-class elegance, promising an Italian escapade from the bottle straight to your glass, bypassing the hassle of travel or elaborate planning.

Consider the Versa Negroni

An exquisite blend of top-tier Campari, Rosso Vermouth, and Premium Gin. Priced at $75.00 for a 700mL bottle, this heady potion of Italian origins is ready to serve 9, offering you an instant Euro summer vibe. You can find it in-store at Dan Murphy’s or online.

Martini? Turn to the Versa Martini.

Crafted with equal parts Premium London Dry Gin and Dry Vermouth. Comes in a 700mL bottle that’s priced at $75.00. Serves approximately 9. The epitome of elegance in a bottle, the Versa Martini can be found exclusively online.

Embrace the Euro Summer vibes without the need for a passport. Let Versa’s Italian-inspired cocktails transport you to a European summer, wherever you may be. Whether you’re raising a glass beachside or from the comfort of your home, Versa Cocktails have just the ticket to make your summer truly unforgettable. The allure and splendour of an Italian summer are truly at your fingertips, all thanks to Versa Cocktails. Embrace the journey and allow yourself a taste of Italy without stepping outside your doorstep.