Studio Amaro: A New Chapter in Italian Dining Coming Soon to Chapel Street

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Play / 9 May 2023
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Studio Amaro: A New Chapter in Italian Dining Coming Soon to Chapel Street

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Play / 9 May 2023

Studio Amaro, the brainchild of the renowned Commune Group, is prepped to make its grand debut this spring on Chapel Street.

With establishments like Firebird, Moonhouse, New Quarter, Hanoi Hannah, and Tokyo Tina already under their belt, Commune Group has cemented its reputation for delivering top-notch dining experiences. But Studio Amaro isn’t just another restaurant; it’s their most ambitious project yet.

With space to accommodate 100 diners on the ground floor and a basement bar for an additional 60, Studio Amaro is designed to cater to the full spectrum of gastronomes – from lunchtime regulars to late-night revelers. The venue’s unique selling point, however, lies in its integrated DJ booth and meticulously crafted music program. This not only sets the stage for an immersive dining experience but also transforms the restaurant into a pulsating nightlife spot.

The menu at Studio Amaro reflects the group’s focus on Italian cuisine. Commune Group’s Creative Director, Simon Blacher, envisions Studio Amaro as a local rendition of Italian dining. The idea is to offer familiar Italian dishes, prepared with care and designed to encourage communal dining. Blacher, a ten-year veteran of Windsor’s dining scene, eagerly anticipates the day when Studio Amaro’s tables are filled with food, drink, and laughter.

Heading the kitchen will be Chef Daniel Migliaccio, an Australian with Italian roots. Migliaccio’s affection for the simplicity and ingredient-focused nature of Italian cuisine is expected to shine through in his dishes. Eager to share his love for the cuisine with the patrons, he promises to bring a slice of Italy to Chapel Street.

Studio Amaro’s aesthetic, crafted by Wendy Bergman of Bergman & Co, exudes a nostalgic warmth. Its yellow corduroy banquettes, speckled granite, and recycled timber details create a cozy contrast against the modern concrete facade. Bergman believes that, much like the Italian digestif from which Studio Amaro derives its name, the venue captures life’s bittersweet moments.

Music enthusiasts can look forward to an ever-changing soundtrack at Studio Amaro. The venue is set to host a diverse roster of artists, promising a melange of tunes from disco to Euro throwbacks and beyond.

As the anticipation builds, one thing is clear: Studio Amaro is not just a restaurant; it’s a versatile social hub. Whether you’re looking for a lunchtime retreat, an evening dining hotspot, a romantic dinner setting, or a late-night hangout, Studio Amaro is set to deliver.

Remember, Studio Amaro will be serving up memorable experiences seven days a week, from 12 pm until late. So gear up, Chapel Street, something exciting is coming your way.