Star gazing at adults only Planetarium movie nights

Cool Sh*t, Film & Art, Melbourne, Play / 19 March 2019

Take a trip through the universe with a drink or two and explore the unseen worlds of the sun, moon and stars on the fulldome screen at the Melbourne Planetarium

If you thought the Planetarium was just a place for school excursions, think again. With a packed program of Friday night adults only short film sessions plus a bar on site, take a trip into the unknown and explore our solar system from a comfy seat while enjoying a glass of Shiraz.

Journey through fluorescent coral reefs, be awestruck at the cosmos, dive into black holes and prepare for an alien invasion in the latest Melbourne Planetarium showcase of films on the dome.

There are two screenings a night. The 7.30pm session focuses on astronomy and also features What’s in the Sky Tonight (WITST), a presenter-led tour through the night sky. The 9pm session features a fulldome art film offering an immersive voyage into unseen worlds. So, whether you are into science or art, or both, we’ve got you covered.

Make sure you pick up a drink or two at the bar and enjoy those Friday night vibes while marvelling at what’s to be found in the sky above.

Planetarium Nights will run every Friday from March 8 till May 31 except Good Friday, April 19.

March 8, 15, 22, 29

7.30pm Capturing the Cosmos + What’s in the Sky Tonight
9.00pm Moon: Worlds of Mystery + The Sun Our Living Star

April 5, 12, 26

7.30pm Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way + DARK + What’s in the Sky Tonight
9.00pm Distant Worlds – Alien Life

May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

7.30pm To Space and Back + What’s in the Sky Tonight
9.00pm Phantom of the Universe + Einstein’s Gravity Playlist

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