Sip In The City This Summer at Ronnie’s x Four Pillars Piazza

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 7 December 2023

Ronnie’s, an esteemed Italian restaurant, has joined forces with the artisanal Four Pillars Gin.

This collaboration has birthed the Four Pillars Piazza, a summer pop-up on Ronnie’s terrace. It’s a celebration of Italian culinary heritage blended with local gin craftsmanship, embodying the vibrant spirit of Melbourne’s food scene.

EAT: Italian Classics with a Melbourne Twist

Ronnie’s menu on the terrace is a testament to Italian culinary traditions, offering a selection of chichetti that tantalises the taste buds. Patrons can indulge in their renowned fermented potato focaccia, a delightful array of marinated olives, and sumptuous stracciatella. The highlight is the carefully curated charcuterie plate featuring bresaola, prosciutto, and housemade pork and fennel salami. These dishes, crafted with a Melbourne twist, provide an authentic Italian dining experience amidst the city’s dynamic setting.

DRINK: Innovative Gin Creations under the Melbourne Sky

The partnership with Four Pillars Gin introduces an eclectic array of gin-based drinks, enhancing the dining experience. The ‘Orange Hour’ promises a special treat with $10 Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin and Tonics available from 4 to 6 pm daily. This gin, infused with a mix of Asian botanicals and Mediterranean citrus, showcases the innovative spirit of Melbourne’s drinks scene. Additionally, the array of Gin Tins, featuring crowd-pleasers like the Bloody Shiraz Gin & Tonic and Yuzu Gin & Soda, provides a refreshing complement to the summer evenings.

PLAY: Soak in the Festive Ambiance

The Four Pillars Piazza is more than a dining destination; it’s a hub of summer festivities. Guests can unwind on chic blue and white striped lounges, absorbing the lively urban energy of Melbourne’s CBD. The terrace serves as an urban oasis, offering a delightful escape from the daily grind and immersing visitors in a relaxed, yet vibrant, summer atmosphere.

Ronnie’s and Four Pillars Gin have crafted an exquisite spot in Melbourne’s food scene with their summer pop-up. Blending traditional Italian flavours with innovative gin creations, Ronnie’s Terrace Summer Pop-up epitomises the city’s culinary diversity and creativity. It’s a destination that promises an unforgettable experience for those eager to explore the best of Melbourne’s gastronomic offerings this summer.