Rebel Blue celebrates a month of saganaki

Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 28 February 2019

Opa! Cheese lovers can enjoy nine mouth-watering saganaki dishes at Rebel Blue.

Rebel Blue has been filling the bellies of Melburnians with delectable modern Greek cuisine in a vibrant Greek tavern on Chapel Street in Windsor. But now, in the true tradition of Greeks believing there is always room for a bit more food, they continue spoiling us by creating a special treat by creating a modern twist on a traditional favourite, saganaki.

Normally served as a simple appetizer, Rebel Blue are elevating the classic cheese to star status in a month of saganaki. So if the words ‘fried’ and ‘cheese’ send your thoughts wandering through visions of cheesy bliss, this is one place you need to book into, stat!

Until 12th March 2019, Rebel Blue pays tribute to saganaki cheese by making as many dishes available as a cat has lives. All nine dishes are on offer to showcase the versatility of the pan-fried cheese. Using Kefalograviera as their cheese of choice for saganaki style cooking, Rebel Blue are offering everything from prawns to fairy floss in their saganaki dishes, which will satisfy both your savoury and sweet tooth.

After enjoying crispy, buttery, tangy and sweet variations of the well-known cheesy Greek dish, you’ll walk out of Rebel Blue feeling validated that there is no such thing as too much cheese. Just remember to dress strategically and wear stretchy pants for your big Greek cheesy feast.

ebel blue-saganaki sweet

“The Saganaki 9” menu items includes:

  1. The Hot Chip – Kefalograviera, Rebel Blue chips, crushed slow roasted tomatoes, tabasco, feta
  1. Quince w/ Fairly Floss – Kefalograviera, fairly floss, quince
  1. Salted Caramel Popcorn – Kefalograviera, salted caramel, popcorn, sesame seeds
  1. Eggplant – Thinly sliced layers of eggplant, crushed slow roasted tomatoes, tabasco, feta
  1. Pretty Nikki’s Prawn – Crushed slow roasted tomatoes, prawns, roasted capsicum, feta

  1. Dion’s Fig – Kefalograviera, fresh fig, candied figs, balsamic reduction
  1. Nutella meets Strawberry – Kefalograviera, Nutella, strawberries
  1. “Sauced” Meatballs – Kefalograviera, crushed slow roasted tomatoes, homemade meatballs, feta
  1. Original is Best – Kefalograviera, oregano, lemon

Each dish ranges from $14-16.

If you’re struggling to decide on which dishes to order, we recommend booking into Rebel Blue twice and trying them all.

But be quick! This menu is only on until 12 March.