Pinot and Paint at Rare Hare: A New Sunday Sensation

Cool Sh*t, Drink, Play / 2 October 2023

Pinot and Paint at Rare Hare

Melbourne is known for its vibrant arts scene and top-notch wineries. Rare Hare is raising the bar by combining these two into a one-of-a-kind Sunday event. Whether you’re an artist at heart or someone who simply appreciates a good glass of wine, the Pinot and Paint experience is where creativity meets delectable delights.

Feed Your Artistic Soul

Located in the scenic Merricks North, the afternoon kicks off with an intimate dining experience at the Rare Hare Restaurant. From the restaurant, the view extends over undulating green hills, providing an inspirational backdrop as you enjoy the Hare Share lunch.

Paint and Sip

Post-lunch, you’ll proceed to the barrel room, where you’ll unleash your artistic flair. Guided by local artists, you’ll be painting on canvas whilst sampling from the Rare Hare’s exceptional range of wines. The wine tasting infuses an element of relaxation and fun, making the painting process even more enjoyable.

Time-Pressed Options

If time is tight, the venue offers an abbreviated version that’s just as delightful. In this version, you’ll receive a salumi platter and a single glass of wine. It’s a quick yet fulfilling way to enjoy both art and wine.

Secure Your Spot

If this resonates with you, the opportunity is just a click away. To reserve your place, visit the official Rare Hare website where you can find additional details and book online. With limited spots available, it’s prudent to act fast.

Final Thoughts

Engaging, relaxing, and downright enjoyable, Rare Hare’s Pinot and Paint event sets the stage for a unique Melbourne Sunday afternoon. Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply a treat for yourself, this experience is a fresh addition to the city’s dynamic food, drink, and art culture.

Join the Pinot and Paint festivities at Rare Hare located at 166 Balnarring Road, Merricks North, Victoria 3926.

By melding the worlds of art and winemaking, Rare Hare offers something that’s genuinely distinct. With autumn settling in, a colourful canvas and a glass of pinot could just be the perfect way to spend your Sunday.

Pinot and Paint Rare Hare