Pidapipo’s Easter Delights: Melbourne’s Sweet Spot

Eat, Melbourne, Play / 14 March 2024

Pidapipo Brings Easter Joy to Melbourne

With Easter around the corner, Melbourne’s beloved Pidapipo Gelateria is ready to make the holiday special. This year, they’re mixing tradition with innovation at their Fitzroy Laboratorio. Here, they craft a delightful selection of chocolates, gelatos, and the inventive hot cross bun gelato sandwiches. Each treat promises to bring joy to every taste bud.

Handcrafted Chocolates with a Touch of Italy

At Pidapipo, Easter means showcasing their mastery in chocolate making. They use top-quality cacao from the Dominican Republic for their eggs. The milk and dark chocolates come wrapped in stunning designs by Studio Ongarato, reflecting Italian elegance. These creations are perfect for gifts or a personal treat, demonstrating Pidapipo’s commitment to quality.


Gelato: A Refreshing Easter Twist

But Pidapipo doesn’t stop at chocolate. They also offer a refreshing array of gelato flavours. This includes a special Colomba-inspired tub, perfect for sharing or indulging alone. Additionally, two new scooped flavours add a fresh twist to the Easter menu, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Hot Cross Bun Sandwiches: A Novel Delight

Pidapipo’s hot cross bun gelato sandwiches are a highlight. Only available at the Laboratorio, they combine spiced buns with creamy gelato. This innovative pairing reinvents the Easter classic. For those who prefer to enjoy these at home, Pidapipo also offers a take-home pack.

Make Easter Memorable with Pidapipo

Pidapipo extends an invitation to all of Melbourne to make Easter unforgettable with their unique treats. From the artisan chocolates to the novel gelato flavours and hot cross bun sandwiches, there’s joy in every bite. Ensure your Easter is filled with these limited-time delights. Make your way to Pidapipo and celebrate a holiday brimming with joy.