OzHarvest Pledge A Plate

Eat, Melbourne, Sydney / 13 September 2016
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OzHarvest Pledge A Plate

Eat, Melbourne, Sydney / 13 September 2016

The new #PledgeAPlate initiative from OzHarvest raises awareness about food waste 

OzHarvest, Australia’s first perishable food rescue organisation is urging all Australians to take action by doing something so simple: using our leftovers.
Aussies throw out one in every five shopping bags worth of food. That’s more than $1,000 worth of groceries each household throws out each year. Imagine all the delicious restaurants you could dine at with that wasted cash.
More than half of all households say they throw away food because they’ve cooked too much. They’ve clearly never experienced just how delicious a slice of pizza tastes the morning after!
To encourage everyone to give their leftovers a fair go, OzHarvest has launched #PledgeAPlate. The idea is to challenge yourself by making something delicious from leftover ingredients, plate it up and share a pic of your dish on social media. Tag it with #PledgeAPlate and then nominate a mate to have a go.
OzHarvest workplace challenge
With a bit of creativity, and a few base ingredients we all have lying around the house, nearly every unloved ingredient can have a second chance. Think bruised bananas for banana bread, muffins or cake or wilted veggies for soups and stews. Sunday night roast can be turned into breakfast fritters for the next day and the bones can go towards a delicious stock. Arancini balls can be made from nearly anything: bread, rice, eggs, cheese, oil and flour.  Leftover roast chicken and those wonton wrappers you haven’t touched since your last dinner party can make a quick 10-minute ravioli.
You can do this at home and then nominate your mates,  or you can host a Pledge A Plate fundraising lunch at work. After all, a bit of leftover lunch competition never hurt anyone. Register your business online and invite your colleagues to join the team and bring in something to share made from leftovers.
You can buy a yellow ‘Pledge a Plate’ online and present your leftovers on it on the day. Each plate helps provide 20 meals to those in need. You can also donate as you register, with every $1 donated allowing OzHarvest to deliver two meals to people in need.
Get involved today and start getting creative with your leftovers!

  1. Sign up online and invite your colleagues
  2. Make something delicious with your leftovers (and/or host a fundraising lunch)
  3. Share your delicious creations on social media and tag it with #pledgeaplate
  4. Nominate a mate and don’t forget to donate!