Espresso Martini Festival, Melbourne

Bars, Drink, Events, Festivals, Melbourne, Play / 22 September 2016

Mr Black Spirits Co are hosting Festival of the Espresso Martini, a celebration of the greatest cocktail ever invented.

If there’s two things Victorians love, it’s great coffee and great booze. The history of the infusion of these two heavenly gifts into what we know and love as the espresso martini is something out of a 21st century fairy-tale:
A bartender is working a late shift in a London bar in the 1980s. A rowdy young man stumbles in, requesting something to “wake me up and f**k me up”. The bartender pauses, in deep thought, until he reaches a ground-breaking revelation. He mixes vodka, espresso and coffee liqueur, and so came the legendary creation of the ‘Espresso Martini’.
festival of the espresso martini melbourne
Mr Black Spirits Co, has recognised the espresso martini as a drink worth celebrating. So, they have given it its own world-first dedicatory festival, in the heart of North Melbourne on Saturday 5 November 2016.
The festival will bring together specialty coffee roasters with premium alcohol. Campos, Rushmore, MILKLAB, Beats Coffee and The Kind Coffee Co will be serving up affine-laden concoctions. Ketel One and Two Birds Brewing will be providing the love of all that is alcoholic and caffeinated.
Tom Baker, a founder of Mr Black and festival director of the Festival of The Espresso Martini says, “We know the people of Melbourne have a love affair with coffee, and the espresso martini is now one of the highest selling cocktails on lists everywhere. So we thought, why not come together to celebrate this shared love with the perfect pairing of coffee and booze.”
festival of the espresso martini by mr black and ketel one vodka
In true festival fashion, tunes, food trucks and coffee pong will complement the best coffee shops and bars for just one-day of food, fun and substance abuse of Melbourne’s favourite (legal) drugs.
“We’re excited to get all our coffee and liquor friends in one place and have a cheeky coffee party”, says Baker.
Entry tickets to Mr Black Festival of The Espresso Martini are $25 per person and include a Mr Black Espresso Martini from the festival bar, a tasting of Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur, sample tasting of all leading coffee producers, and access to the festival between 2pm and 10pm.
There is also free entry to the festival for coffee professionals! All you have to do is sign up for more details and inform whom you work for to
festival of the espresso martini pouring melbourne's favourite drink
Tickets are on sale now at and the Mr Black Eventbrite page.
Note: Tickets are currently sold out, but more are set to be released very soon! Register to the waitlist to make sure you are notified.
Saturday, 5th November 2016
Melbourne Meat Market, 5 Blackwood Street, Melbourne VIC 3051
Tickets – $25 per person