Man Tong Kitchen, Crown Entertainment Complex

Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 19 December 2016

Enjoy a classy feast at Hu Tong Group’s offspring, Man Tong Kitchen

The renowned Hu Tong Group can take pride in the touch of class experience provided by one of its many offspring, Man Tong Kitchen. Born at Crown Entertainment Complex five years ago and headed by chef Mr. Wong, Man Tong Kitchen offers a premium dining experience. My expectations of cuisines hailing from different regions in China were deliciously fulfilled.
Strolling through Crown Entertainment Complex, you can’t miss Man Tong Kitchen. Just inside, as if looking into a snow globe, you are mesmerised watching masters hard at work creating dumplings with effortless dexterity.
Man Tong Kitchen making dumplings
Man Tong in Chinese means ‘full house’, and in this opulent 200-seat venue, spying an empty seat at dinner time would be as rare as seeing hen’s teeth.
The venue impresses with its Chinese temple appeal. Grey slate walls and wooden architecture are delineated by bright red lanterns casting a gentle glow on the amazing fare displayed on dining tables.
The menu’s breadth of variety guarantees you won’t be stuck for options. An enormous range of lunch and dinner menu items is presented, as well as banquets ranging from $58.80 to $108.80 per person. We were fortunate to experience a specially tailored banquet menu. Almost excitedly, I sipped my bottomless cup of refreshing jasmine tea and eagerly awaited their signature dish, xiao long bao.
Filled with scrumptious pork and broth, these soup dumplings are a treat. And what an exhilarating sensation it was when I mastered the technique needed to enhance the eating experience. You must pierce the dumpling wrapper with a chopstick and guide the delicious oozing broth onto your spoon.
man tong kitchen xiao long bao
The wontons, swimming in delectable Szechuan chilli sauce, fired up my tastebuds with every bite.
man tong kitchen wontons
The crispy salted chicken was exactly that; analogous to the adult version of a chicken nugget. With the ideal balance of salt and heat from the sprinkle of chilli, they were devoured within minutes.
man tong kitchen crispy salted chicken
We watched as our next dish, Peking duck pancakes, were expertly rolled in front of us. Perfectly cooked crispy skinned duck, laden with cucumber and plenty of sweet bean sauce, really hit the spot.
man tong kitchen duckman tong kitchen peking duck pancakes
The shredded duck and dried scallop soup, prepared with a slightly thicker broth than what I was expecting, was intense in flavour and extremely filling.
man tong kitchen shredded duck and dried scallop soup
After tackling these ‘smaller dishes’, we were spoilt with a spread of mains on the Lazy Susan, the ideal way to ensure every dish is within easy reach.
man tong kitchen lazy susan
The stir-fried fish fillet with scrambled egg was ‘melt in your mouth’ good. Covered with orange fish caviar, I felt like I was eating a dish covered in little jewels.
man tong kitchen stir fried fish fillet
The spicy and saucy sizzling satay beef packed a punch and was a bright addition to the spread.
man tong kitchen sizzling satay beef
A standout dish, the Szechuan style fried string beans with pork mince, were beautifully blistered and crisp.
man tong kitchen string beans pork mince
A favourite of mine, the black truffle fried rice with prawn, was simple yet moreish. It is definitely a dish I would order again.
man tong kitchen truffle rice
For the finale, we were treated to a Mango pudding with ice cream. The pudding was light with an intense mango flavour, not unlike biting into an actual mango. Served with vanilla ice cream, it was the pinnacle of an excellent banquet dinner.
man tong kitchen mango pudding
At Man Tong Kitchen, not only is the food menu impressive, but the drinks menu also, which includes wines, beers, ciders, spirits, cocktails and mocktails. Throughout the evening, we sipped a variety of enticing wines, including a French 2012 Georges Dubceuf Moulin-A-Vent.
All budgets are catered for, with wines ranging from classic Penfolds varieties to premium wines, such as a 1990 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1er Cru (1500 ml) at $10,888 for a bottle.
Man Tong Kitchen provided us with an authentic mix of traditional and modern Chinese cuisine. Whether you feel like a yum cha lunch with friends or an intimate private dining experience (between 12 and 15 guests), Man Tong Kitchen caters to the needs of all diners. You’ll be spoilt with fantastic food and service, such as warm hand towels and glasses that are always replete with liquid goodness.
If you enjoy your experience at Man Tong Kitchen, you’ll love their sister restaurant, EAST.
Man Tong Kitchen
Level 1, West End Crown Entertainment Complex
Corner of Clarendon Street and Crown Riverwalk, Southbank
(03) 9686 9888