Maker's Mark Old Fashioned Week, Melbourne

Drink, Melbourne / 15 August 2016

Celebrate the original cocktail with Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week

After the fanfare from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, make a date with Melbourne’s best cocktail bars to enjoy ‘the original cocktail’ during Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week.
Running from September 2nd – 10th, the Kentucky-made whisky will be put under the spotlight at a who’s-who of cocktail bars throughout the streets and laneways of Melbourne for Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week.
Cited as the ‘original cocktail’ amongst bartenders, the Old Fashioned is one of the most-requested-drinks from cocktail lists. The fun, laid back Old Fashioned cocktail will be reinvented by some of your favourite cocktail joints using Makers Mark bourbon. Order a glass or two from the likes of 1806, Doc Martin’s at Collins Quarter, Madame Brussels, The Carlton Club, Bar Ampere, Union Electric, Spice Market and Ms Collins.
It makes a good base to experiment with so you can expect some interesting variations from local bar talent. Don Draper, Mad Men’s fictional advertising king of the ‘60s liked to fix himself one before and after pitching to clients. He’d then have a couple more before he left the office for the night (note to self: must revive the tradition for daily office cocktails).
The recipe is simple: rye whisky, Angostura Bitters, a sugar cube and a splash of soda. It’s easy to make and even easier to drink.
Premium Spirits Ambassador for The Blend, Matt Barnett says: ‘The great thing about an Old Fashioned is it makes whisky more approachable…Switching rye out for wheat in their mash makes for a sweeter, softer spirit and in turn, a gentle sipping Old Fashioned with a long, warm finish.’
Look out for the quintessential Old Fashioned glass at selected bars, specially designed by Maker’s Mark for the week-long event. Swirl it around and let the caramel and vanilla aromas of Maker’s Mark intensify before sipping your night away with the potent, sweet elixir.
In the meantime, here’s how to make the perfect Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned at home.

Makers Mark Old Fashioned Week
2-10 September
Various cocktails bars
Melbourne CBD