Lord of The Fries at World Vegan Day, Melbourne Showgrounds

Eat, Events, Festivals, Melbourne / 6 November 2017
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Lord of The Fries at World Vegan Day, Melbourne Showgrounds

Eat, Events, Festivals, Melbourne / 6 November 2017

Lord of the Fries shows you how to eat fries and save the environment at the World Vegan Day event, Melbourne

Ah, a glorious bowl of hot chips; such a versatile dish. Goes great with a cold beer in hand and is perfect for an afternoon nibble. Tastes even better past midnight. What’s not to love? Hmmm, maybe that awful guilt that comes as a side dish once you’ve scarfed down that last chip and scraped the aioli bowl clean. After the greasy goodness endorphins settle down, the reality of just having consumed a day’s worth of calories in the form of wasteful frying oils and environmentally destructive dipping sauces hits. But wait… before spiraling into a vortex of self-loathing, Lord of the Fries has some surprising insight to share.
What if you discovered that it’s possible to eat that whole bowl of chips, plus a cheesy burger and some chicken wings, without the weight of Mother Nature’s disappointment bearing down on you? This is no joke friends, the possibility exists! And it comes in the form of a beloved household name – Lord of the Fries, a joint I’m sure you’ve walked by hundreds of times before, maybe even lingered inside after a 2 am last call at the bar.
Lord of the Fries
Peruse the menu of this fast food joint and you’d have no idea you’re looking at a completely meat-free establishment. Don’t let names like the Parma Burger, Nuggets, and Tijuana Hot Dog fool you. Dishes are made using plant based ingredients- we’re talking soy bacon and vegan cheese. And while it’s possible to order a burger with dairy sauces from majority of Lord of The Fries locations, Brunswick Street’s joint is 100% vegan.

In honor of the upcoming World Vegan Day celebration Melbourne Showgrounds, Lord of the Fries hosted an evening of bottomless chips and mini burgers to showcase their vegan cuisine. As a vegan myself, I’ll place my hand over my heart and swear I haven’t tried such creamy, indulgent food in months- I was convinced there must be hidden dairy in the creamy sauces and ‘chicken’. But it’s true, these dishes are completely environmentally friendly and ethical, without compromising on taste.

Lord of the Fries ticks all the eco-conscious boxes meaning you can lick your fingers after each bite, knowing you’ve trod lightly on the earth as you do. They only source local Aussie potatoes, they’re helping to eliminate pollution caused by the meat industry, their frying oil is recycled to fuel their oil delivery trucks (who even knew you could do that?!), and they save 100 cows a month by only grilling soy patties. Let’s see another fast food burger joint try and top that. I’ll wait…
Drooling over a fantasy plate of hot chips with Indian dipping sauce (mango chutney with vegan sour cream) yet? Find the answer to your prayers by heading to the Melbourne Showgrounds on November 12 for the World Vegan Day celebration. This free event will be chock-full of food stalls, live music, cooking demos, art shows, speakers, and speed dating. Delicious food and the potential to find love—what more could a girl want? And of course, Lord of the Fries will be there with their own stall, ready for you to try their bounty of veggie burgers and legendary chips. Leave your guilt at the gate on the way in.
Lord of the Fries
Locations across Australia & New Zealand
World Vegan Day
Melbourne Showgrounds, Ascot Vale
Sunday, November 12th 10am to 7pm