Carlton’s Iconic Johnny’s Green Room Unveils A Summer Revamp

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 8 November 2023

Johnny’s Green Room: Melbourne’s Rooftop Renaissance

Melbourne readies for the return of a legend this December. Johnny’s Green Room, a rooftop icon in Carlton, is unveiling its latest evolution. It promises fresh flair and flavours.

Transformative Design Unveiled

Owners Jamie Valmorbida and Luca Sbardella have reimagined Johnny’s. They’ve introduced a clever design with a semi-retractable roof. Jamie says, “Now, come rain or shine, our rooftop’s set for fun.” This innovation promises a year-round haven for social butterflies.

The Culinary Narrative

Chef Karen Martini brings her expertise as the new Culinary Director. She crafts a menu steeped in Italian roots, yet contemporary. Karen reveals, “Our menu puts a modern spin on Italian classics.” It encourages diners to share, chat, and relish every bite, with pizza still playing a starring role.

Libations with a Twist

Mixology artist Matthew Bax revamps the bar’s cocktail offerings. He infuses the menu with Italian sophistication, reminiscent of relaxed terrazza sessions. Bax works with the Johnny’s team to ensure every sip transports patrons to Italy’s charming streets.

Embracing Summer Italian-Style

Johnny’s Green Room promises a touch of Italian summer that lingers throughout Melbourne’s seasons. With a nod to tradition and a dash of innovation, this rooftop is all set to become the city’s go-to spot for summer festivities.

Now, with a palette of new experiences, Johnny’s Green Room beckons locals and visitors alike. This rooftop oasis blends Italian flair with Melbourne’s eclectic spirit, poised to become a cherished urban escape. Step into a redefined rooftop experience where Italy’s warmth meets Melbourne’s cool.