Johnny’s Green Room Serves Up a Slice of Italian Sunshine

Eat, Melbourne / 6 March 2024

Johnny’s Green Room, a favourite Carlton rooftop venue, now offers an exciting menu feature: authentic Italian Pucce, available weekdays from 1PM to 3PM. This addition brings a taste of Italy to Melbourne, combining stunning views with traditional street food.



In Melbourne, the sandwich scene is constantly evolving, with food aficionados and casual diners alike witnessing an array of international flavours transforming the humble sandwich into a culinary spectacle. From the crisp, grilled layers of Paninis to the soft, olive oil-infused slices of Focaccia, the city’s love affair with sandwich variations knows no bounds. But just when you thought you’d tasted it all, Johnny’s Green Room invites you to explore the next delicious chapter in Melbourne’s sandwich saga: the Italian Pucce.

What the Pucce?

Originating from Italy’s Puglia region, Pucce are delightful bread pockets filled with seasonal ingredients. At Johnny’s, these pockets echo Italian tradition, reimagined by Karen Martini, the venue’s Culinary Director. They are made from pizza dough, baked in a wood-fired oven for that authentic touch.

A Menu by Karen Martini

Martini’s expertise introduces three Puccia options. Firstly, there’s a fried local calamari Puccia with rocket, tartare, and lemon, priced at $22. For vegetarians, a buffalo mozzarella Puccia comes with tomatoes, basil, and EVOO for $18. Lastly, the Mr Canubi Mortadella Puccia features mortadella, mozzarella, pistachio pesto, fefferoni, and basil, also at $18.

Johnny’s Unique Offer

Johnny’s blends Melbourne’s rooftop charm with genuine Italian cuisine. It’s an ideal spot for enjoying traditional flavours in a modern setting. With its innovative Pucce menu, Johnny’s stands out as a must-visit for both locals and tourists.

In essence, Johnny’s Green Room bridges cultures, offering a memorable dining experience. It’s the perfect place for those seeking to explore Italian street food without leaving Melbourne.