Starward Distillery’s Latest Whisky Innovation: HER Honeycomb

Drink, Melbourne / 14 March 2024

Melbourne’s drinks scene just got richer with HER Honeycomb. This unique blend is a creative collaboration. It brings together Starward Distillery’s vibrant Two-Fold whisky with lush, local honey from Pure Peninsula Honey. Together, they craft a drink that’s a true reflection of Melbourne’s innovative spirit and dedication to local ingredients.


A Fusion of Local Delights

HER Honeycomb celebrates the best of Melbourne. It blends the city’s fine resources, from Pure Peninsula Honey’s 4,500 beehives to Starward’s expert distillation. This whisky excels in cocktails, as a neat sip, or even as a decadent dessert drizzle. Its taste profile? Expect tropical and red fruits on the nose, balanced with a hint of honey. The palate brings together tropical fruits and toasted oak for a rich, balanced finish.

Cocktail Kit: Home or Bar Experience

The HER Honeycomb Cocktail Kit arrives just in time for the festive season. Perfect for hosting or a personal treat, you can buy the kit as a whole or in parts. Fancy trying the cocktail by professional hands? HER bar welcomes you to taste this innovation. Alternatively, take the experience home and become your own mixologist.

The HER Honeycomb cocktail kit is available for $119 RRP and includes:

  • X1 700mL bottle of Starward HER Honeycomb Whisky
  • X1 Starward Bar Spoon
  • X1 Hunted+Gathered Salted Drinking Chocolate
  • X1 Hunted+Gathered Dark Chocolate Caramelised Hazelnut Pieces 60% Cacao

A Celebration of Collaboration

HER Honeycomb is a showcase of Melbourne’s collaborative ethos. It unites distillers, beekeepers, and chocolatiers, presenting a flavour that’s distinctly Melbourne. This spirit not only highlights local produce but also kindles a sense of community among whisky lovers. It invites them to explore and enjoy new ways of experiencing whisky.

So, dive into Melbourne’s whisky innovation with HER Honeycomb. Whether at HER bar or in the comfort of your home, you’re in for a celebration of local excellence and creativity with every sip.

HER Honeycomb