Melbourne Gets a Dose of Disney with a Twist in ‘Happily Ever Poofter’

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Play / 14 November 2023
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Melbourne Gets a Dose of Disney with a Twist in ‘Happily Ever Poofter’

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Play / 14 November 2023

A Fairy Tale Like No Other

Melbourne’s vibrant cultural scene is set to host a unique spectacle this November. ‘Happily Ever Poofter,’ the acclaimed musical parody that has been wooing audiences worldwide, is making its way to The Butterfly Club. This isn’t your ordinary fairy tale. It’s a story about Prince Henry, the sole gay character in his faraway kingdom, and his quest for true love. The narrative cleverly reimagines the Disney classics we’ve all grown up with, but with a humorous and heartwarming twist.

Award-Winning Creativity

The brainchild of actor and activist Rich Watkins, this one-man show has garnered significant praise. It’s not just the witty script or the catchy reworked Disney songs that make this show stand out. It has clinched awards like ‘Best New Musical’ at the London Off West End Awards 2020 and the ‘Standing Ovation Award for Comedy’ at the London Pub Theatre Awards 2020. Watkins’ unique blend of humour and advocacy brings a fresh perspective to the stage, making ‘Happily Ever Poofter’ a must-watch.

Rich Watkins: More Than Just an Actor

Beyond the stage, Watkins is a renowned figure in the London queer theatre community. His commitment to HIV awareness and his role in the BBC documentary ‘That Moment When’ highlight his dedication to important social causes. His work, including his second hit show ‘Reclaiming Harry,’ has toured globally, receiving critical acclaim.

Melbourne’s Exclusive Chance

From 20th to 25th November 2023, at 20:30, The Butterfly Club will transform into a place of laughter, music, and storytelling. ‘Happily Ever Poofter’ promises an experience that goes beyond conventional theatre. It’s a celebration of love, identity, and the courage to be oneself. Melbourne’s audience has a limited window to catch this sensational show, with tickets ranging from $29 to $39.

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