Gin Pig x Brogan’s Way Distillery: A Celebration at Bouvier Bar

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Melbourne / 27 July 2023

Bouvier Bar, a local favourite sits on Brunswick East’s bustling Lygon Street. On August 24th, the bar will hold a unique event. Celebrating a collaboration between Gin Pig and Brogan’s Way Distillery. Get ready for a night to remember with pork and gin in the spotlight.

Gin Pig Bouvier

Bouvier Bar: A Slice of New York

Step into Bouvier Bar, and you’re in a New York speakeasy. The dim lighting and moody tones ooze sophistication. The long, narrow bar and comfy seating create an intimate atmosphere. It caters to a diverse crowd, from locals to out-of-towners.

Adrian Richardson, celebrated Australian chef, owns Bouvier Bar. He also runs the renowned La Luna Bistro. With the upcoming Gin Pig x Brogan’s Way event, expect a memorable culinary experience.

Gin Pig Bouvier

A Five-Course Feast

Adrian Richardson has curated a five-course menu for this occasion. It stars the Berkshire Pigs from Gin Pig. Each course features this heritage breed in unique ways. The event is a true spectacle, fusing gin and pork in an unmatched culinary celebration.

Gin and Pork: A Match Made in Heaven

What’s a celebration without perfect pairings? Each pork dish will be complemented by a distinct gin from Brogan’s Way. These careful pairings enhance the culinary experience. The gin’s botanicals beautifully highlight the succulence of the pork.

Ben Ogden from Brogan’s Way will offer insights into gin-making. He’ll also share interesting facts about botanical profiles and food pairings.

Join the Celebration

Tickets to this grand affair are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Event details:

Gin Pig x Brogan’s Way at Bouvier Bar
Thursday 24th August, 7 PM
Bouvier Bar, 159 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057
Tickets: $185 per person
Book your tickets here

Don’t miss this grand event. Reserve your spot and enjoy a gourmet night of Gin Pig at Bouvier Bar.


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