Gaa Lands in Melbourne: A Revolutionary Indian Dining Experience

Eat, Restaurants / 26 February 2024

This March, Melbourne’s food scene is set to witness an extraordinary event that will redefine the essence of Indian cuisine. Garima Arora, a pioneering chef renowned for her innovative approach to traditional flavours, brings her celebrated restaurant, Gaa, to Crown Melbourne. This event, part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival from the 15th to the 24th of March, represents a unique opportunity for Australian food aficionados.

A Culinary Pioneer Comes to Crown

Garima Arora, the first Indian woman to earn 2 Michelin stars, has made headlines worldwide for her creative culinary explorations. Her restaurant, Gaa, is a testament to her skill in harmonising classic Indian tastes with unexpected global influences. The Melbourne residency at Crown will showcase Arora’s unparalleled ability to surprise and delight the palate.

Innovative Dishes Await

The menu at Gaa challenges and expands the traditional boundaries of Indian cuisine. With dishes featuring pandan oil-enhanced oysters, grilled durian, and a novel curry of blue swimmer crab with coconut, green apple ice, and grilled banana leaves, Arora crafts an unforgettable dining narrative. This residency is a rare chance to engage with Indian cuisine transformed by imagination and finesse.

Why You Should Not Miss Gaa at Crown

Arora’s stint at Crown is a celebration of culinary innovation, appealing not only to enthusiasts of Indian cuisine but also to anyone passionate about the evolution of dining. Her role as a judge on MasterChef India has already made her a familiar face to many, but it’s her inventive cooking that truly captivates. This limited-time residency offers Melbourne diners a direct portal to the cutting edge of global food trends.

Bookings are essential for this fleeting dining spectacle. Join us at Crown to witness Garima Arora’s Gaa redefine Indian cuisine through a bold, contemporary lens. This event is not merely a meal; it’s an exploration of flavour, creativity, and tradition, all skilfully blended by one of the culinary world’s brightest stars.