Free to Feed’s Winter Feasts: A Celebration of Diversity and Empowerment

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Melbourne / 26 July 2023

A Warm Welcome to Winter Feasts

In Melbourne, Free to Feed is making waves. Their popular Winter Feasts are back. This social enterprise empowers refugees and asylum seekers. Responding to popular demand, they’ve now extended their Winter Feast program from July to August.

Free to Feed Winter Feasts

A Feast for All

Every Thursday from 6pm, Free to Feed’s North Fitzroy space transforms. It blossoms into a hub of diversity and shared food experiences. These dinners actively celebrate the rich cultures of the refugee community. They provide a chance for everyone to appreciate their talents and stories.

Free to Feed Winter Feast

 More Than Just a Meal

Each Winter Feast is not just a meal. It’s a story told through food. It showcases the talent and passion of refugees and asylum seekers. But there’s more. Each feast creates over 300 hours of employment experience. Free to Feed provides a supportive work environment. This initiative actively helps break the sense of social isolation for new arrivals.

A Taste of Home

Each Winter Feast ticket is priced at $60pp ($50pp concession). It offers a taste of the participants’ homeland. Countries range from Ukraine to Sri Lanka, and Latin America. Each feast is a labour of love. Participants actively share their heritage and unique style of cooking.

Free to Feed Winter Feast

A Persian Feast and More

The Persian and Egyptian feasts have sold out. However, due to high demand, an extra date for the Persian feast has been added. Meanwhile, the Latin feast, a mix of Colombian and Brazilian flavours, is now on the 31st of August.

Book Your Winter Feast Now

Groups of 10 get a 10% discount. It’s a perfect excuse to gather with friends, family, or colleagues. Everyone is welcome at the table. You can make bookings for the final month of Winter Feasts via the Free to Feed website.

Free to Feed is creating real change. Their unique food experience programs are inspiring. The Winter Feasts are a fun way to share, connect, and discover new foods and flavours.