The Fluid Project: Unleashing Creativity at Melbourne Emporium

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Play / 20 June 2023

In the wake of its overwhelming success in Sydney, The Fluid Project has now spread its creative wings to the heart of Melbourne, setting up its second artistic outpost in the Melbourne Emporium.

This captivating initiative is all set to stir up the city’s creative scene with an exciting blend of vibrant art, play and interactive sessions. The Fluid Project’s unique concept is a refreshing spin on conventional art classes, transforming them into a lively “paint and sip” experience. Participants are given a free hand to drip paint and glitter over a variety of objects such as teddy bears and canvases. For those who are after something a bit more extraordinary, the project also offers the chance to lather a giant 1m-sized Mega Jumbo bear in buckets of colourful paint.

The project’s Sydney incarnation was met with an incredibly enthusiastic response. Co-founders Allen Fu and Fiona Wang were astonished when they secured over 200 bookings within the first day of opening. Furthermore, their alluring videos quickly grabbed attention, amassing a staggering 20 million views across TikTok and Instagram.

Fu and Wang, understanding the universal appeal of their creative platform, launched DIY Fluid Kits in late November. These have generated a noteworthy revenue of over $40,000 in the first month alone. Their vision, to foster an engaging and inclusive environment where individuals can have a fantastic time whilst creating something unique, clearly resonates with a wide range of people.

The Melbourne Emporium branch of The Fluid Project is set to offer a novel artistic hub where people can come together to create and connect. Whether it’s a casual date, a corporate bonding activity, or a fun family outing, The Fluid Project offers a unique, unforgettable experience.

“We’re all about creating a place where people can have fun, connect, and leave with their own work of art,” said Allen Fu, elucidating the ethos of The Fluid Project.

As it opens its doors, The Fluid Project is all set to provide Melbournians with an escape from the everyday, an opportunity to embrace their artistic spirit, and a delightful dive into a world bursting with colour and creative joy.

For additional details, head over to The Fluid Project’s website at Prepare yourself to experience a tidal wave of creativity at Melbourne’s newest artistic hotspot.