Unlocking the Mystique of Eau de Vie with Feels Botanical

/ 19 September 2023

Unlocking the Mystique of Eau de Vie with Feels Botanical

Get comfy, pour yourself a glass, and let’s have a chat with Blake Vanderfield-Kramer. He’s the Co-Founder of Feels Botanical and he’s pulling back the curtain on Eau de Vie—a European classic with an Aussie edge.

What is Eau de vie?

“Ah, Eau de vie. Just saying it makes you feel classy, right? We owe its invention to some crafty medieval monks. They wanted to keep their orchard fruits fresh, so they distilled them. Each region in Europe adds its own local fruits, making Eau de Vie a cocktail of unique flavours.”

So, Blake, why bring Eau de Vie to Australia?

“Well, we’re known for having world-class grapes. These grapes give Feels Botanical a smooth, layered taste. It’s a treat for the senses, really. Plus, this grape base helps us show off the botanicals we add. And who doesn’t like a gluten-free, all-natural option, right?”

Eau de Vie Feels Botanical

Blake, spill the beans on Feels Botanical.

“All right, here it goes. Feels Botanical is our hand-blended range of Aussie Eau de Vie grape spirits. We make it up in the Adelaide Hills. Every bottle comes with three sustainably sourced botanicals. It’s like a mood ring but for your drink. Also, great for classic cocktails but with a twist.”

Last question, how should we enjoy Feels Botanical?

“Don’t sweat it, you’ve got options. If you’re after something simple, just go with ice. But, if you’re the cocktail type, get creative. Every bottle has its own serving suggestions, so feel free to go wild.”

Eau de Vie Feels Botanica

Wrapping it Up

That’s the scoop from the source. Blake not only gave us the 411 on Eau de Vie, but also dished on why Feels Botanical should be your next drink of choice. Whether you’re a sip-and-savour person or a cocktail aficionado, you’ve got a new go-to. Cheers!

Eau de Vie Feels Botanical

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