Easter Road Tripping: A Melbourne Exclusive with Valtteri Bottas and Uber Carshare

/ 20 March 2024

This Easter, Melbourne is the launchpad for an extraordinary road trip adventure.

Racing star Valtteri Bottas, in collaboration with Uber Carshare, has rolled out a custom ute. It’s tailored for the ultimate Australian journey.

Uber Carshare

Your Dream Easter Ride Awaits

Bottas and Uber Carshare have reimagined the ute, equipping it with everything from a meat pie warmer to a freshwater shower. Available for a limited time, this ‘second’ car showcases Bottas’ love for Australia. “Australia’s warmth has touched me. I’m excited to share this unique ute,” he said.

From March 22 to April 12, 2024, this special ute is up for grabs at no cost* on Uber Carshare. It’s a prime opportunity for locals and visitors to discover Melbourne and beyond in a car designed with Aussie adventures in mind.

Crafted for the Aussie Explorer

Uber Carshare, once known as Car Next Door, offers over ten thousand vehicles ready for any adventure. “Our platform ensures you find the perfect holiday vehicle,” says Co-founder Will Davies. It’s ideal for those whose primary car isn’t up to the task of holiday explorations.

If Bottas’ ute is out of reach, there’s more. Ten Uber Carshare cars bear his seal of approval for road trips. These vehicles, diverse in form, are primed for exploration. The first to book receives a special VB road trip kit, enhancing the travel experience.

Uber Carshare

Book Your Adventure Now

For those eager to traverse Melbourne’s landscapes or explore Victoria’s beauty, Uber Carshare is your gateway. Details on booking Bottas’ ute or a VB-approved vehicle are on the Uber Carshare app or blog. Seize this opportunity for an unforgettable Easter journey.

Reserve Valterri Bottas’ ‘second’ car on Uber Carshare HERE.

This partnership between Uber Carshare and Valtteri Bottas goes beyond offering transport. It’s about crafting memorable moments, fostering a sense of community, and celebrating the adventurous Aussie spirit. Join in and make this Easter one for the books.