Discovering East Melbourne’s Hidden Gem: Tippler & Co

Eat, Melbourne / 7 March 2024

Leafy East Melbourne, often overlooked in the lively debate between north and southside allegiances, harbours a secret that’s transforming its reputation. Nestled within this quiet suburb, a mere hop from the CBD and the illustrious Melbourne sports precincts, is Tippler & Co. Celebrating a decade of operation, this establishment has become a haven of tranquillity and taste amidst the urban flurry.

Step Inside for a Warm Welcome

The entrance to Tippler & Co immediately wraps you in warmth and serenity. The lush greenery outside contrasts sharply with the urban chaos. Inside, Gus, the owner, greets guests with a blend of sophistication and warmth. Just as the venue, he is poised, polite and professional. Although his initial appearance might suggest a corporate executive, his friendly demeanor reveals a man passionate about farming and sustainability.

Sustainability Meets European Cuisine

The menu at Tippler & Co combines European flavours with sustainable practices. It starts with oysters, moves on to Stracciatella with watercress salsa verde, and crunchy walnuts. Gus’s homemade focaccia, a perfected lockdown project, accompanies the cheese. The menu also features a tender barramundi with fennel and capers. Meat lovers can enjoy a Southern Ranges porterhouse steak with garlic-rich Bagna Cauda butter.

A Wine List with a Difference

Gus’s expertise extends to the wine list, a carefully curated collection that mirrors the menu’s commitment to quality and sustainability. With options that are as palatable in flavour as they are in price, Gus ensures that every guest can find something to enhance their dining experience.

Redefining Dining in East Melbourne

Who could have predicted East Melbourne’s emergence as a dining hotspot? Those who have discovered Tippler & Co know it well. This establishment not only offers a retreat from the urban rush but also a culinary journey that’s deeply rooted in sustainability and quality. As it celebrates ten years of service, Tippler & Co remains a beacon of hospitality, inviting everyone to discover the hidden delights of East Melbourne.