Black Star Pastry’s Latest Creation: Yuzu Meringue Croissant

Eat, Melbourne / 4 October 2023

Latest Creation from Black Star Pastry

If you think you’ve seen all there is to see in Melbourne’s vibrant food scene, Black Star Pastry is back to challenge your palate. Renowned for their iconic Strawberry Watermelon Cake, the bakery’s newest creation, the Yuzu Meringue Croissant, offers a distinctive blend of citrus and sweetness.

Black Star Pastry Yuzu Croissant

Yuzu Meringue Croissant

Let’s get into the details. At the heart of this pastry marvel is yuzu crèmeux, a luscious, creamy filling that effortlessly takes the limelight. Infused with the citrus allure of yuzu, the crèmeux combines harmoniously with a subtle hint of white chocolate. Both elements create a medley of flavours, allowing each bite to sing a balance between citrus and sweetness.

A Crown of Meringue and Curd

But there’s more. To complete this masterpiece, a caramelised Italian meringue crowns the croissant, a touch that adds both texture and visual appeal. Sporadically adorning the meringue are small bulbs of yuzu curd, introducing additional bursts of citrus that make every mouthful an experience.

Why Yuzu?

Originating from East Asia, yuzu is a citrus fruit that has recently found its way into the hearts of Melbourne foodies. Its unique character brings an unmatched zest that elevates the pastry’s complexity, giving you a multidimensional flavour experience. Given the pastry’s Asian influence, it’s a welcome addition to the multicultural tapestry that is Melbourne’s culinary scene.

Where to Get Yours

Hungry yet? Black Star Pastry’s Yuzu Meringue Croissant is available now at their Melbourne location. Don’t miss your chance to experience this creative twist on a classic favourite.

In Summary

In true Black Star Pastry fashion, the Yuzu Meringue Croissant isn’t just food; it’s an experience. With its perfect blend of citrus and sweetness, crowned with a meringue that adds just the right crunch, it’s a must-try for any food lover in Melbourne. Moreover, this latest offering perfectly encapsulates what Melbourne is all about: a city that continually redefines itself through food and culture.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a bite and join the conversation.

Black Star Pastry Yuzu Croissant