Bistro Morgan Opens New Fitzroy Outpost

Eat, Melbourne / 25 August 2023

The Visionary: Morgan Hipworth

Morgan Hipworth is a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in Melbourne’s food scene. At 22, this rising star is not just a pâtissier but also a TikTok sensation and a celebrated author, thanks to his chart-topping cookbook “Made by Morgan.” With a social media following of over 1 million, he invites home chefs and food enthusiasts to join in his creative journey. As the founder of Bistro Morgan Bakehouse in Windsor, Morgan’s entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and unyielding passion shine through in every delectable bite.         

Bistro Morgan’s Arrival in Fitzroy

Morgan’s latest triumph is the opening of a new Bistro Morgan location in Fitzroy, marking another milestone in a culinary journey that began at age seven. His simple love for doughnuts, relentless drive, and commitment to freshness and quality have evolved into a beloved Melbourne bakehouse.

A European Café Vibe

Designed to accommodate 15 customers, the Fitzroy location exudes a bustling European cafe vibe. Studio Esteta brings modern aesthetics and classic charm together, creating an atmosphere filled with aroma and conversation.


A Fresh Start Every Day

The doors open each morning with freshly baked doughnuts, scrolls, cookies, and curated coffees ready to serve. From toasties to creamy milkshakes, the central kitchen in Fitzroy presents Bistro Morgan’s commitment to quality and innovation.

A New Chapter

With its new Fitzroy location, Bistro Morgan continues to define Melbourne’s food scene. For those who want to taste the magic of Morgan’s vision, the Fitzroy branch promises a delightful experience.

Visit Bistro Morgan’s website or follow them on Instagram to explore a taste of this iconic artisan delight in Fitzroy!