WIN Dinner For Two At Beso, Melbourne’s Newest Spanish Restaurant

Competitions, Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 29 August 2023

Be amongst the first to experience Melbourne’s fiery new Spanish restaurant. Welcome to Flinders Lane Beso!

Flinders Lane, the heart of Melbourne’s culinary scene, has witnessed the rise of many gastronomic wonders. But its western end is about to experience a culinary renaissance, thanks to the arrival of Beso, a brand new contemporary Spanish restaurant. This isn’t just any Spanish eatery; it’s a place where age-old traditions are reinvented, where every dish is kissed by fire, and where the essence of Spain meets the vibrancy of Melbourne.

Beso, which translates to kiss in Spanish, takes its namesake from the restaurant’s custom-built Parrilla, which was designed to kiss each dish by fire, from the P.X. Miso Glazed Pork Scotch with spiced pumpkin and mojo-mole verde, to the succulent Wagyu Hanger Steak paired with Southern Cross mushrooms and grelos. Every plate tells a story.

At the helm of the venue is the former head chef of the two-hat restaurant Lee Ho Fook, Ana Cortes Garcia. Garcia brings her expertise, passion, and innovation to this new venture. Her vision? To craft a menu that seamlessly blends seasonal Australian produce with global techniques and ingredients, all while staying true to her Spanish roots.

“Throughout my career, I’ve discovered new flavours, ingredients, and techniques. Combining these with the Spanish approach has allowed me to create a new style of cooking, maintaining the authenticity of Spanish gastronomy while integrating global ingredients and techniques in a fun, sustainable, and unique way.”

The venue’s global influence isn’t confined to their menu but it also radiates in their hand-picked wine list, spanning from the renowned regions of Rioja and Toro in Spain to the finest vineyards of Victoria. Complementing this is an impressive cocktail repertoire, making Beso an ideal haunt for an after-work Negroni. Stop in for the drinks, stay for the tapas. 

In a city that’s no stranger to culinary innovations, Garcia’s new venture promises to be a game-changer. It’s not just about eating; it’s about experiencing Spain in the heart of Melbourne. So, the next time you find yourself on Flinders Lane, make your way to its western end. A Spanish culinary revolution awaits. Find out more here.