Melbourne’s Festive Season Gets Cheeky with A Very Naughty Christmas

Melbourne, Play / 15 November 2023

December in Melbourne is set to sparkle with a new twist on holiday entertainment. “A Very Naughty Christmas,” brought to Melbourne by Woodward Productions, promises a blend of stand-up comedy, skits, and much more. This comedy show, a brainchild of Alex Woodward and Daniel Venz, has been a hit since its inception in 2017.

A Riot of Laughter and Entertainment

Originally captivating over 25,000 audiences in Brisbane, “A Very Naughty Christmas” is more than just a comedy show. It’s a creative amalgamation of parodied songs, energetic dancing, melodious singing, and an engaging burlesque performance. But at its heart, it’s the silliness and lightheartedness that truly define the essence of this production.

Expanding the Holiday Cheer

For the first time since its creation, the show will simultaneously play in Brisbane and Melbourne in December 2023. This expansion is a testament to its growing popularity and the universal appeal of its unique take on holiday festivities. The show’s success lies in its ability to break the traditional mold of Christmas entertainment, offering something fresh, vibrant, and undeniably fun.

Fans can connect with the show on Instagram @averynaughtychristmas and Facebook at A Very Naughty Christmas. These platforms offer a glimpse into the show’s world, enhancing its reach and building a community of viewers who appreciate its unique brand of holiday cheer.

A Must-See This December

Melbourne audiences are in for a treat with this innovative, laughter-filled production. It’s a perfect escape for those seeking an alternative to the conventional festive entertainment. The show’s mix of comedy, music, and performance art is a refreshing take on the Christmas spirit.

For tickets and more information, visit A Very Naughty Christmas and be ready to experience a Christmas show like no other.


Creator/Producer: Alex Woodward, Woodward Productions
Director/Creator: Daniel Venz (Tae Tae in the Land of YASS, First Casualty)
Director: Alister Smith (Cruel Intentions: The Musical, The Wedding Singer)

Alexia May Brinsley
Joe Kalou
Jordan Twigg
Joshua Spiniello
Kate Yaxley
Madeline Pratt
Shay Debney
Tim Paige