Mama’s Buoi Pho Festival

Eat, Restaurants / 27 July 2016
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Mama’s Buoi Pho Festival

Eat, Restaurants / 27 July 2016

Pho-get it’s winter and celebrate the Pho Festival at Mama’s Buoi!

Leave weary winter behind and enter a Mama’s Buoi restaurant near you. The incentive to visit both Sydney and Melbourne stores is particularly strong right now with the launch of their Pho Festival.

What’s involved? Well, until the end of August, Mama’s Buoi will be serving a menu inspired by one of Vietnam’s most popular home-style dishes, pho. This full flavoured rice noodle soup is a cornerstone of Vietnamese cuisine. It is also one of the most popular dishes on the menu at Mama’s Buoi. With that in mind, the talented chefs at Mama’s really pushed the envelop to give us a four course pho-inspired menu.

mama's-buoi-ricepaper rolls

It starts with a Pho Cocktail ($17). Rest assured, there’s no hot broth, noodles or bean sprouts in this drink. Calling it a pho cocktail is a stretch, it’s basically a mojito with the addition of basil. Gin and Grand Marnier, fresh lime and basil are mixed together and served over lots ice for an unusual flavour combination.

The second course is Mama’s Pho Roll ($10 for 2 pieces). These little rice paper rolls are packed with distinctly Vietnamese flavours. Think fresh bean sprouts, mint, basil, shredded beef and more. Accompanying each roll is a selection of dipping sauces.

The hero of his pho-inspired menu is the speciality Seafood Pho ($25 shared between 2). Mama’s Buoi don’t hold back on the portion sizes for this dish. It comes served in one big bowl with two smaller bowls designed to share between two. Dining alone? Order a single serve for $18. You can expect a very large bowl of soup filled with whole tiger prawns, succulent squid and barramundi. This delicious, fresh seafood comes with noodles and vegetables cooked in a 6 hour fragrant broth.

mama's buoi pho

To finish, enjoy some pho-tastic Pho ice cream ($10). Two scoops of a rich milk gelato come on a bed of buttery biscuit crumbs. Offering an interesting textural element are the attap seeds. Otherwise known as palm sugar drops, each little seed is sweet and chewy like a jelly. They also happen to be very moorish.

mama's - buoi-ice-cream

This un-pho-gettable menu is available in both Sydney and Melbourne. We promise not to make any more pho puns and let you get on with your day.

Mama’s Buoi, Surry Hills
116 Devonshire St, Surry Hills

Mama’s Buoi, Crows Nest 
7 Willoughby Road, Sydney

Mama’s Buoi, Melbourne GPO 
350 Bourke st, Melbourne’s GPO

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