Get Buried in a Super Sparkly Glitter Coffin

/ 29 May 2018

Sparkly in life, sparkly in death, getting buried in a glitter coffin is a thing and we’re kind of into it.

From shoes to Champagne bottles, makeup and clothing, we are firm believers that a little glitter treatment can take the mundane to the downright marvellous. A glitter coffin though? Now we’ve seen it all. The UK based Glitter Coffin Company came into being over a year ago, and have been doing a remarkably busy trade with their pimped out creations.

Owners husband and wife duo Chris and Dawn Nicholls previously manufactured glitter-encased furniture at The Glitter Furniture Company, before developing the new line of business.

In an interview with Metro UK, Chris remarked:

‘I decided one day to do something different, we’ve had The Glitter Furniture Company for two years and I wanted to progress. So I decided I would buy a coffin and cover it in glitter to see what it would look like. My wife was surprised to find me googling a coffin on our family eBay account after I had the idea’.

And thus the glitter coffin came into the world. It wasn’t as easy as coating a mundane wooden box in glitter though. According the the Metro UK interview, it took some time for the coffins to pass FFMA coffin regulatory standards. Lengthy testing was undertaken before they were given the all clear for cremation and burials.

When you depart this mortal coil, at least you’ll do it in style, with ten sparkalicious colours to choose from. Don’t like pink? Opt for the black glitter, or otherwise the transcendent opal white glitter creation.

If burial isn’t your style, this forward thinking Glitter Coffin Company is also selling some very stylish ashes boxes, which will set you back 17o pounds, or a cool AUD $300.

Time to get planning your fabulous life after death? We think so.