Gin Loot Is The New Monthly Subscription Box Delivering The World’s Best Gin To Your Door

Drink, Melbourne, Sydney / 11 January 2021

The creators of Whisky Loot have launched Gin Loot, the ultimate monthly gin subscription box.

It’s easy to become a creature of habit. You go to the same spot for coffee en-route to work, swing by your favourite local for a craft brew, and order a mid-week feed from your go-to takeaway joint. But with the New Year in full swing, why not challenge yourself to try something new?

That’s exactly where Gin Loot comes in. Crafted by the team from Whisky Loot (Australia’s most loved whisky subscription experience), Gin Loot is on a mission to help you experience some of the world’s best gin from the comfort of your couch.

Each month, Gin Loot will take you on an adventure through a bunch of different gin types. From classic gins to new-world mixes, this subscription will deliver a range of globe-spanning gins to your door each and every month.

After the overwhelming success of Whisky Loot, the team knew Aussies were eager to learn more about the spirits they know and love. With Gin Loot, avid gin lovers can access a curated selection of top-notch spirits along with expert tasting notes, videos and so much more.

So, how does Gin Loot? Each month, subscribers will receive three new gins in a beautifully themes collection box. Expect a mix of Aussie and international gins as well as tasting notes and access to an online learning dashboard. You can easily skip a box or cancel at any time, making this the perfect way to get acquainted with the best gins in the world.

The best bit? As a Gin Loot subscriber, you’ll be taught by resident gin expert, Tim, who will explain the tasting notes of each spirit. Plus, he’ll offer cocktail recommendations, detailed breakdowns of the botanicals, and show the behind-the-scenes of new-age distillation methods.

Ready to get started? Find out more and subscribe to Gin Loot here.