Amazon Go

Cool Sh*t / 14 December 2016

Say hello to Amazon Go, the world’s most advanced shopping technology.

2016 has been a roller-coaster of a year. The world watched on as Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Pokemon Go fanatics spanned the globe, pursing digitally fabricated characters. We did however get a few nifty treats this year. We present to you, Amazon Go. Amazon Go is a shopping service offering high quality groceries without the lines, no check-out and teens behind the register. By using the Amazon App, you simply pick the groceries needed and then leave the store. No lines, no checkout, no worries.

The checkout-free shopping experience is made possible by using the same technologies as used in Google’s self-driving cars: computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning. So, everything you have seen in sci-fi movies packed together in your pocket, watching as you reach for the milk.

The ‘Just Walk Out’ technology detects when a product is taken or returned to the shelves, and keeps track of your purchases in a virtual cart. Meaning, when you are done with your #treatyoself shopping, you can walk straight out of the store.

Amazon Go offers a range of different tasty ready-to-eat brekkies, lunch and dinner, in addition to the occasional snack for those in a jolly good mood. The products are made fresh every day on-site by local kitchen and bakeries, enforcing the #buylocal trend. Amazon Go also carries a selection of grocery essentials, both from local and well-known brands.



The creators behind Amazon Go explain the concept of no lines and no checkout as an experiment to push the boundaries of computer vision and the customer shopping experience. Result? The quickest and most anonymous way to buy family sized Jarlsberg and cheap wine. Did Christmas shopping for all the treats and hangover ingredients just get breezy? Ah yep!

Looking for more info? Check out the Amazon website here