Easter Weekend Food Fest

Hands up all those still recovering from chocolate Easter Bunny overload?

I jumped on the scales this morning and I am 3kgs heavier than before the Easter long weekend! Oops!
How did this happen? A weekend away at Tweedle Dee’s parents beach house in Killcare perhaps… Did I mention her mum’s a fabulous cook and dad has great taste in wine? Needless to say all we did was eat, drink and play ‘who’s turn is it to pour the wine’.
The food was fantastic with a seafood theme common amongst dishes including:
Gourmet fishcakes and vermicelli noodle salad.
Fresh Crabs served natural with wasabi mayo.
BBQ’d whole fish cooked with Asian flavours of coriander, chili and lime.
Fresh oysters with vinaigrette dressing. 

Along with our seafood indulgence were fresh salads and some amazing aged beef steaks BBQ’d to perfection.

And the food didn’t stop there, we were spoilt for choice with delicious deserts including:

Lemon tart topped with meringue and Maggie Beer ice cream.

Maggie Beer Burnt Fig, Caramel and Honeycome Icecream topped with fresh strawberries soaked in Grand Marnier.
Assorted Pat and Stick’s Homemade Ice Cream Sandwhiches (my favourite flavour was the Espresso Lace).
And of course…More chocolate eggs and bunnies than you could imagine.
To complement our eating we indulged in many a bottle of fine wine. Some of the stand outs:
A delicious Keith Tulloch 2004 Shiraz Viognier from the Hunter Valley.
A bottle of Veuve Clicquot to sip with the oysters.
One of my favourite desert wines, the Suckling Pig Zinfandel 2008 from Pigs Peak (also one of my favourite wineries in the Hunter Valley). A desert red you must try!
After reading this post I think it’s evident where those kg’s came from but cest la vie. You can always exercise away the kilos but capturing precious moments with good food, wine and company is something you’ll always keep.

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