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Cool Sh*t, Music & Tech, Play / 7 November 2016

Discrepancy Records has unlocked a time machine back to the 70s!

There are a lot of us who think we were born in the wrong era. Or even those of us who just miss the good old days. The girls in movies with big puffy dresses and frilly ankle socks rocking out to their vinyl records instills immediate generational FOMO. Ironically, our love-hate relationship with new age social media has provided an avenue for an accessible step back in time. Discrepancy Records is an online record store that has recognised our need for a generational #throwback by creating an outlet for vinyl shopping.

Whether you’re kicking back with a glass of red listening to some David Bowie or getting the party started with some Deadmau5, almost any song or artist you want to listen to is available through Discrepancy Records.

No need to sort through the pile of records to find your favourites. You can search by category, artist and price. Everything is just one click away. From jazz to old reggae, new pop to hip-hop to even movie and TV series soundtracks, Discrepancy Records is the ideal place for a hassle-free hunt.

Being Australian owned and operated, you’ll have no issues contacting the business for any queries or questions you may need assistance with. Aside from safe and secure ordering, Discrepancy Records also provides fast and free delivery. Their Melbourne warehouse packs and despatches your favourite LPs, singles and box sets within one day of order. What’s even more exciting is you can get a limited edition vinyl for as low as AU $19.95.

With the festive season approaching, Discrepancy Records offers the perfect no-fuss gift for that muso family member or friend. You can also shop for a gift card for that friend of yours whose music taste is too ambiguous to fathom.

Can’t get enough? Check their website to get access to exclusive deals and latest releases. Happy vinyl hunting!

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