Make These Cocktails At Your Next Dinner Party

Drink, Drink Recipes / 11 September 2018
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Make These Cocktails At Your Next Dinner Party

Drink, Drink Recipes / 11 September 2018

Wine and beer are so last year, try these cocktails instead.

Culinary event creators Secret Foodies recently collaborated with Waterford Crystal to host a secret Cocktail Degustation in Sydney and Melbourne. Read more about that here. Planning your own dinner party? Try something different and pair your courses with cocktails instead of wine or beer. Your guests are guaranteed to be impressed with these special drinks.


Tanqueray  & Tonic – Garnish Your Way
Serve in a Waterford ‘Gin Journeys Balloon or Waterford ‘Gin Journeys’ High Ball

Serve Tanqueray gin with your favourite tonic and arrange a garnish station with interesting ingredients for your guests to add to their drink for a fun and interactive twist. These could include kaffir Lime leaves, bay leaves, mint, basil, finger lime pearls, lime, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, cucumber, juniper berries, raspberries, rosemary, ginger, pansies (or other edible flowers), lemon thyme, liquorice root, cassia bark. Have a minimum of 8 and have some fun!


Johnnie Walker ‘Cabernet’
Serve in the Waterford Lismore ‘Essence’ Goblet

Serves 5 (5 x 150ml Serves)
100ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
100ml Sweet Vermouth – ideally Carpano or another similar rich style
50ml Crawley’s Grenadine
50ml Crème De Cassis
10 Dashes Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters
450ml Strong Earl Grey Tea (let it over steep so you extract more tannins)
½ teaspoon Malic acid (reserve more to taste as required)

Build at room temp into a wine decanter or empty Bordeaux style wine bottle (label removed). Adjust malic acid as required. Pour at table into a wine glass (Lismore essence goblet).


Talisker Made by The Sea Sour
Serve in Waterford ‘Gin Journeys’ Balloon or Waterford Lismore ‘Essence’ Goblet

1.64 STD Drinks
45ml Talisker Skye
20ml lime juice
15ml aqua faba (chickpea water)
15ml sugar syrup (1:1)
2 dashes celery bitters (Bittermens ideally)

Method: Dry shake (shake with 1 cube to emulsify), shake with ice and fine strain into glass (no ice). Garnish with a little umi budo or samphire. (Bee pollen or fennel tops work in a pinch)


Black Tea & Citrus
Serve in the Waterford ‘London’ Tumbler
2.0 STD Drinks
60ml Singleton Malt Master’s Selection
10ml Monin Blood Orange Syrup
2 dashes Absinthe
3 dashes Black Tea Tincture*

Method: Stir down in a mixing glass, strain into an old fashioned glass over block ice. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

* Add one teaspoon of loose leaf black tea to 50ml vodka for at least 3 hours to create Black Tea Tincture