Crochet- Sexy for Summer not for Swimming

Lisa Maree Swimwear Challenge

I can’t get enough of crochet at the moment- I’m obsessed like a nanny with knitting! In line with this, I recently attended the summer swimwear launch for Sydney label Lisa Maree at Piano Room. These are definately a hot accesory to be sporting this summer but I couldn’t help beg the question- just how practical are they?

I own the black crochet number below and gave it a test run last Saturday at ‘Boat Life’. Boat Life was essentially a take of Fuzzy festival Harbour Life and involved a string of boats being tied together and anchored in front of the festival. We got the best of both worlds- we could still hear the tunes but didn’t have to put up with the sweaty crowd or overpriced tickets!

The Test: To assess the practicality of jumping in the harbour and swimming in my crochet one piece.

The Results: Pre Harbour jump- With blow dried hair, big sunnies and my designer one piece I felt like I belonged on a sexy Kanye West film clip. Post Harbour Jump- I looked like a drowned rat with a saggy bum! Upon removing my one piece that night I was also had a charming patern burnt on to my stomach.

The Verdict: Yes they look super hot and I recommend them for laying by a pool (make sure you rub sunscreen on your tummy). No they are not going to help you win any swimming competitions- these are purely for show only and excessive water exposure may result in a ‘I just poo’d my pants look’.