An Australian Company Unveils A New Cannabis-Infused Gin

Cool Sh*t / 13 November 2018

Need a unique Christmas gift idea? Look no further than Cannabis Gin.

Hemp-based products have flooded the market since the cannabis derivative was first made legal for human consumption in Australia back in 2017. Now you can find hemp in everything from smoothies to muffins. Cannabis-infused gin though? Now we’ve seen it all.

Let’s get right to the point. No, you won’t experience the same effects from drinking a cannabis-infused G&T that you would smoking on a creative cigarette.

The innovative new spirit is named ‘The Myrcene Hemp Gin’, which refers to the most abundant essential oils, otherwise known as terpenes, found in cannabis. Terpenes work in conjunction with other cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, creating a union of compounds that achieve better results as a group than they would in isolation. Used in high concentrations, terpenes are now an increasingly sought-after commodity due to their therapeutic value in dietary health and wellness supplements.

The Cannabis Company, the masterminds behind the Melbourne-based small batch gin, were committed to making a spirit that wasn’t just great, but award winning. The result is a gin that imparts the subtle aromas of bubblegum, blended with pine forest, sage and lavender, with thanks to those trusty terpenes. According to The Cannabis Co, The Myrcene is best served with tonic, a wedge of lemon and a sprig of fresh rosemary, so as to really bring out the piney aromas.

Not only does the addition of terpenes impact a great flavour, it is also said to help ease the symptoms of inflammation and chronic pain. Working alongside a Senior Researcher at The University of Melbourne with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The Cannabis Company differ from their peers in the hemp market. The team are committed to taking a scientific approach to “the Tree of Life”, as they refer to the plant for its qualities in relation to health, sustainability and recreation.

“We’ve got nothing against hippies” explains Chief Marketing Officer Cormac Sheehan,“but the public image of the cannabis plant is still stuck in the ‘60s. It’s unfortunate, as this plant has a million applications as a food, a medicine, a textile, even as a sustainable fire-resistant building material. Yet it still suffers from considerable stigma, the result being that millions of Aussies are missing out on how it can benefit their lives.”

The first batch of Cannabis Gin has sold out, but you can place a pre-order for the next batch by clicking here.

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