Iconic Aussie Butter Producer Pepe Saya Lauches Aussie Artisan Week This August

Eat, Melbourne, Sydney / 29 July 2020

Buy direct from local producers this August with Pepe Saya’s new initiative, Aussie Artisan Week.

There’s never been a more important time to shop local. In 2020, small businesses across Australia have navigated a triple whammy of challenges: from fires to floods and now the ongoing obstacles of a global pandemic. So, to inspire Australians to make smarter purchasing decisions, the crew from iconic butter producer Pepe Saya are launching a new shop local campaign.

From August 17th to August 23rd 2020, Aussie Artisan Week encourages shoppers across the country to consciously support and shop directly from local producers and artisans. The initiative, spearheaded by Pepe Saya, aims to raise awareness about the quality and benefits of shopping local and the importance of doing so during a global pandemic.

The move comes off a period of change for Pepe Saya, who has pivoted their offering after seeing a significant drop in sales off the back of restaurant closures and the cancelation of farmer markets due to COVID-19. But the team also saw a significant increase in consumer traffic who were on the hunt for Australian cultured butter, buttermilk and ghee (all of which they could purchase directly from Pepe Saya’s website).

You might have spotted a range of new products from the team at Pepe Saya as the brand has partnered with other Aussie artisans such as Crumpets by Merna, Olsson’s sea salt, Yarra Valley caviar, LouiseM Studio Ceramics, Block 11 Organics and Ovvio Organics tea.

To build on this momentum, Pepe Saya’s Aussie Artisan Week asks all Australians to shop locally and share their artisan-made purchases on social media using the hashtag #AussieArtisanWeek. In the weeks ahead, Pepe Saya will be sharing the stories of local artisans on their Instagram Page and are asking other local businesses to join the movement (with Crumpets by Merna, Country Valley Dairy, Olsson’s sea salt, Yarra Valley Caviar and Block 11 Organics already on board).

To find out more about Aussie Artisan Week, click here.