Wanderlust 108 2017, The Domain

Wanderlust 108 Sydney

Enter the world of Wanderlust 108. You will wish for everyday to be spent this way.

Welcome to Wanderlust 108, the world’s first and only Mindful Triathlon. Wanderlust 108 will challenge your mind, body and spirit all day long Saturday 8th April from 7am till 4pm, vibrating positive vibes throughout. There’s no need to be a running pro, or a well-stretched yogi, you will fit within this community regardless of your skills status.

Wanderlust 108 Sydney

This day is a triathlon like no other. There is no intensive competition mode, just a day of celebration for the mindful movement. This triathlon may be calmer than others, however, it is quite challenging. Thanks to the recent launch of Wanderlust X Adidas, your day begins with a dynamic warm-up. With a 5K run (jog, skip, jump) ahead, be sure to listen up! Just as your heart has started racing, you will be bringing it back down to earth again as you join in on an all inclusive 75 minute outdoor yoga flow class. Underscored by a DJ, it’s not your average yoga class. Release your inner-yogi with The Farm, Byron Bay co-owner and yoga teacher, Tahl Rinsky as she guides you.

Thirdly, is Wanderlust’s long awaited third leg to the Mindful Triathlon – a guided 30-minute meditation. After all that yoga, that caboose should be nice and loose, so sit and prepare for the final leg of the mindful triathlon to take you into complete relaxation. Still not done for the day? Are you still bursting with energy? Well, there are so many activities left for you to do. Check out the schedule for your chance to join in on Aerial Yoga with Chantelle Rawlings as she bring you from the heavens to the earth.

Wanderlust 108 Sydney

Acro-yoga is another post-triathlon option up for offer. Run by eternal student Josh Blau, this musician, actor and all round soul searcher with have you smiling wide. If you are looking to try something really out of the usual code of conduct within mindful society hooping is the one for you. Join dance star and glitter goddess performer SpinJoy and become intertwined in her mix of sassy minx and Master of the hoop. You’re hips will whirl through the wilderness of this unchartered territory.

Feeling hungry after all that activity? Think in advance and purchase a picnic lunch online before the event. You can also pack your own food but where’s the fun in that? True North Cafe is yours for rejuvenation. Later, when your stomach is really asking for fulfilment, grab a Wanderbowl. With brown rice, black beans slow cooked with onions and garlic, doused in a top secret special spicy sauce, this salad is then layered with white cheddar cheese. Sidelined by mango lime and cilantro salsa, and finished with a heap of sour cream and avocado, we are sure to have a crowd favourite on our hands this year! Not spicy enough for you? Check out the hot sauce garden and add a little extra heat.

Wanderlust 108 Sydney

Continuing the community feel, many bonus field games are waiting for you to keep on moving! #ComeTogether with Wanderlust, spreading love, peace, compassion and well-being into the world, and spread it further with your social media page. Want to bring along your crew to enjoy a day in this community, register as a group for your chance to enjoy some added benefits to your day. The largest group will earn a group photo on the main stage, but the real prize is coming together for a day of laughs, joy and smiles.

Wanderlust, Sydney 8th April 2017
The Sydney Domain
2 St Mary’s Road, Sydney NSW 2000

Wanderlust 108 Sydney

Tickets are available online for $50-$70 hereIf you’re up for a day journey like no other, get in quickly, last years event sold out! For more event information and the days schedule, head on over to the Wanderlust 108 offical Sydney event website

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