Mr Liquor’s Dirty Italian Disco, Botany Bay

Mr Liquor's Dirty Italian Disco featured

Mr Liquor’s Dirty Italian Disco is taking the Tennyson Hotel’s drive through liquor store for an Italian-American spin.

For the next six-months, Mr Liquor’s Dirty Italian Disco will be offering diners a unique pop-up dining experience that reinvents bottle shop expectations. In collaboration with the Merivale group, Mike Eggert and Jemma Whiteman, from the inventive Good Luck Pinbone, are showcasing fusion Italian food with a touch of Aussie charm. The team will set up shop on the bottom floor of the Tennyson Hotel in Botany Bay.

Mr Liquor's Dirty Italian Disco interior

Maintaining the classic Aussie drive through experience, guests at Mr Liquor’s Dirty Italian Disco will be able to purchase boozy bottles from the walk-in fridge. After selecting from a variety of over 150 craft and organic wines, they will then make their way into the 90-seat American diner themed eatery.

Forget pizza! Eggert and Whiteman have created an eclectic menu, drawing inspiration from classic Italian dishes and the American diner experience. The creative foodies have devised a succinct list including bruschetta, pasta and wood-roasted meats. Start with a twisted take on bruschetta ($12), with anchovy and green chilli or raw veal and whipped tuna as a topping. For larger bites, braised lamb gnocchetti ($24), porchetta with charred scallion ($28) or the mammoth 1kg rib-eye ($100) are sure to leave you feeling full of Italian goodness. For a minimum of 10 people, a $65pp banquet menu will give you a taste of the entire menu.

Mr Liquor's Dirty Italian Disco food 2

Eggert and Whiteman are prepared to update the food list regularly to meet their diners’ demands. “We’ve been really inspired by the red sauce joints of New York”, says Eggert. “We’ll be pushing ourselves to get to their quality, but it’ll have our essence, our touches. It’s our take on the red sauce joint.”

For those overwhelmed by the walk-in-fridge, Mr Liquor’s Dirty Italian Disco will be shaking seasonal cocktails. The list includes an option to share in an Old Fashioned or Negroni (both $25).

Although there are tunes, and even the opportunity for karaoke, Mr Liquor’s is not a nightclub as the Disco name suggests. Instead, the drive-through eatery will come to retro life with the distinctive pop of an 1950s diner decor.

Casual, fast and fun, Mr Liquor’s Dirty Italian Disco is reimagining the Aussie drive through tradition.

Mr Liquor’s Dirty Italian Disco
Tennyson Hotel Bottle Shop, 952 Botany Road, Mascot
(02) 9212 2085
Open: Wed-Fri 6pm-midnight, Sat 12pm-midnight, Sun 12pm-10pm

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