Crafternoon at Pocket Bar

I have a phobia. It’s strange, it’s embarrassing and it’s legit… I am afraid of wet wool. Just ask the EX-boyfriend who surprised me with a wooly jumper and glass of water one morning.

So you can imagine my trepidation when I sat down at Pocket Bar on Sunday for a casual cheese and wine afternoon and saw a group of knitters…

Panic sunk in as soon to be tea cosy’s dangled dangerously close to full glasses of mojitos.

Deciding it’s time to face my fear I approached the group and was introduced to Alex, founder of Crafternoon. She was lovely enough to put her knitting needles down and have a quick chat.

When did Crafternoon start? In June 2009. Today is our 1st birthday.

What inspired Crafternoon? It was inspired by ‘Stitch and Bitch’ in Chicago only Crafternoon leaves out the bitch. It’s a great way to meet other crafters over a cup of tea, offering a supportive place to stitch, create and learn.

Does everyone know each other? No, people have just met through the group and become friends.

Who is welcome? Crafternoon is open to all. Most people knit or crochet, however any cafe friendly crafts are welcome…

How often do you meet? Once a fortnight.

Why Pocket? It has good food, yummy cocktails and a really nice relaxed atmosphere on Sundays.

How can people get involved? Check out the Crafternoon Blogspot for upcoming meetups and other crafty business.

When is the next event? Sunday July 4th, 2-5pm at Pocket bar, 13 Burton St Darlinghurst.


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