Bongos Bingo is Arriving to Australia

Bongos bingo
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Are you ready for a game of bingo like never before?

Whoever said that your Nan was the only person in your family that could play bingo has obviously never had a game with Bongo.

After sweeping through the United Kingdom, Bongos Bingo is about to hit Australia. Arriving in June, this round of bingo is unlike any other. Part nightclub, part bingo this worldwide craze is bringing its infectious vibe to Sydney and Melbourne after a successful launch in Dubai earlier this year.

Ever since it became uncool to stay at home on a Saturday night, we have been craving an excuse for a good old fashioned games night. But forget the daggy town hall, Bongos Bingo will have partygoers dancing on the tables when they shout out that infamous word.

Bongos bingo 2

Hosted by the charismatic Jonny Bongo, this Brit is ready to burn up the floor of Sydney’s Paddington Town Hall and the Collingwood Town Hall in Melbourne like never before. Playing five nights a week in his hometown in the UK, Bongo knows how to impress a crowd and his parties in Australia look set to be no exception.

Of course with bingo comes prizes. You won’t be taking home loose change, the possibilities are endless for those lucky bingo masters amongst us. The surprises as crazy as the night on offer.

Bongos bingo 3

As soon as they shout “BINGO” the party will begin and the tunes will drop harder then the spinning balls. What is set to be an exciting lineup of DJs will take partygoers through the evening for a night they are sure to remember.

Tickets for Bongo’s Bingo are renowned for selling out quickly, and unfortunately you may have already missed your chance after tickets sold out to the games in Australia. However, keep your ear close to the ground. As Bongo takes over the world he is sure to return to Australia in no time.

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