Mid City Centre is Open (finally)!!

We’ve been waiting for what feels like years for this day to happen. I personally have be submitted to the depressing walk through Pitt St Mall over and over again. I’ve been victim to the dust, dirt and sleazy and men in fluro vests. But fear not it hasn’t all been in vain…Finally Mid City Centre is open. *Insert round of applause*

Not all stores are open yet…(a minor detail). But only a few hours ago General Pants, Lorna Jane, G-Star, SDS, Politix and a few others swung open the doors in time for eager lunch time shoppers to spend their lunch money in the brand new abodes.

Yes all of the these stores are available elsewhere but it’s the fact it’s new and shiny and they have new stock and hotter staff. Any shopping addict would agree!

It is a little overwhelmed and I could have easily gone crazy and impulse bought like a crazy woman. Instead I walked away (almost) empty handed. I purchased a rad pair of black rimmed geek glasses (faux-I have 20/20 dammit). I also put a pair of one off vintage army boots on hold at GP’s as my afternoon treat.

Happy Shopping.



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