WIN a case of La Marca Italian Prosecco


Is there a better gift of giving than free Prosecco?

With the silly season approaching and endless entertaining for you to think about, we’ve decided to lend a helping hand! We’ve teamed up with La Marca Italian Prosecco to help add some sparkle to your next celebration. We’re giving away a case of their elegant sparkling wine!

La Marca Italian Prosecco has earned its spot as #1 Premium Prosecco in the USA, and has now officially launched in Australia. We’ve deemed it fit to celebrate the arrival of the Treviso-born Prosecco family! A noticeably crisper, cleaner and refreshing taste mixes with the sophistication of bright citrus and a bubbly finish. Infused with the tastes of golden apple, white peach and a honeysuckle finish, the fruity and flowering tones will make your Christmas lunch shine.

La Marca Italian Prosecco matches perfectly alongside mild cheeses, seafood and fruit-infused desserts. So make sure your Christmas lunch menu is all about fun in the sun! With La Marca Italian Prosecco available nationally as of November at $25 per bottle, this luxurious product i set to add a bit of sparkle to any event or simply for your every day enjoyment.

It’s also the perfect addition to your Christmas cocktail tasting! Check out the La Marca Italian Prosecco Cocktail list on their website:

To enter our competition to win a case (6 bottles) of La March Italian Prosecco, leave a comment at the bottom of this article with the following details: 

  1. Tell us your Christmas Day plans and why you want to crack open this chic, fruity Prosecco during the silly season.
  2. Make sure you leave a correct email address that you check regularly so we can contact you if you win!
  3. Winners will be drawn 12th December 5pm and notified via email. Good luck!


La Marca Italian Prosecco
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  • Steven Purcell says:

    I will spending Christmas Day with my sister who has been travelling through the Americas throughout most of 2016. I want to crack open a bottle of the Prosecco to show her that you don’t have to travel all the way across the Pacific Ocean just to get a taste of the USA.

  • Alexandra Mottern says:

    I’ll be watching the sunrise at uluru on Christmas morning!

  • Michael McDonald says:

    My Christmas Day regularly involves being woken at 5am to the sound of ripping Wrapping Paper, so I’m planning a gourmet breakfast and this Prosecco is the ideal accompaniment!

  • Jessie Hall says:

    My Christmas day plans are to celebrate with family in tropical North Queensland; the perfect setting for a fruity prosecco or a cheeky Christmas cocktail.. I want to try the candied sapphire because YUM! A perfect pineapple cocktail for a tropical christmas.

  • Lorraine Russo says:

    We plan on having a combined Christmas Day celebration with lots of family members at my house. I am hoping for a cool day so that I can cook a lamb/turkey and vegetable roast. Some bottles of Prosecco would go down very well with my Panettone ice cream cake and traditional Christmas cake.

  • Heather Hopley says:

    Due to our family’s work commitments our Christmas celebrations were held early this year so this year my husband and I will spend Christmas day relaxing in the pool and enjoy a fresh seafood lunch for two. Christmas day is also my husbands birthday so we’ll mark the occasion with a few glasses of bubbly!

  • Myra Ong says:

    Having Christmas lunch with the in-laws while hungover from a crazy Christmas Eve party with my own family! NEED. PROSECCO. DESPERATELY!

  • Jordy Robertson says:

    This is my first Christmas back with my family after living in Europe and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a case of what looks like incredibly delicious prosecco. My travels through Europe, especially Italy, really opened my eyes and taste buds to the flavours, varieties and financial benefits of prosecco! As a family who would love to spend the whole day drinking Moet but need to be more realistic, prosecco is the way we spend our bubbleful breakfast as we work into a big chrissy lunch. This year we have hired a house with a pool and I can’t imagine how better to escape this new and exciting summer sun than by relaxing in the pool with a (plastic) glass of La Marca Italian Prosecco!

  • Alana landsberry says:

    We’re playing finska in my dads backyard with my 3 sisters and their partners , all our babies will be in the paddle pool . Prosecco is the drink of choice and we drink it ALL day as it’s so light and refreshing and pairs well with our predominantly vegetarian grazing buffet . The afternoon finishes with darts and a nerf gun battle for adults and kids alike .

  • Jo Lovell says:

    We are all planning & dreaming of a white (Prosecco) Christmas but if the white runs out we will start on the Reds!

  • Kevin Hussey says:

    I would love to crack open this beautiful case on Christmas Day with my fiancé. We are to be married in March, although we are currently trying to be good, this would be a perfect pre-wedding treat we could share with our family and friends whilst enjoying a Christmas seafood spread.

  • Liz Hogan says:

    Christmas Day plans include connecting with estranged family and no better way to do than with a crisp prosecco.

  • Jennifer Indge says:

    I will be spending Christmas Day with my family at my sister’s place in the heart of Sydney’s Little Italy – Leichhardt! A gorgeous, chilled bottle or two of La Marca Prosecco whilst relaxing in her shaded courtyard would be a fabulous accompaniment to our summer Christmas fare.

  • Pam McAinsh says:

    Celebrating Xmas day housewarming for my lovely nephew and his gorgeous wife. A fabulous La Marca prosecvo would be a perfect addition.

  • Sophie says:

    Slow soft and gentle beginning to a big and happy day, sipping Prosecco beachside at brunch, naturally morphing into afternoon loungeside with lazy cool Christmas lunch, seafood and salads, dip in the pool and slipping into evening mode with a touch of glamour and shimmer.. Long iced flutes of bubbly with a serious tapas style dinner. Family, friends, music, laughter and a dishwasher. Merry Christmas.

  • Ben Cox says:

    After 3 years of being abroad we finally entertain our family in our backyard for Glazed ham, Gravlax
    BBQ fish, Roast beef, Charred broccoli salad pine nuts dressing , Roast beetroot, Roast spuds….. I can’t wait and some prosecco would top it off.

  • Sally Park says:

    We are flying to Vanuatu on Christmas day and will be relaxing beachside, cocktail in hand, by Christmas night! The Prosecco will be for us to enjoy on New Years eve with friends on our return.

  • Rhiannon says:

    Me and my partner will be hosting our first xmas in our tiny shoebox apartment. On the menu is cold meats – smoked turkey and ham, a variety of tasty salads, smoked salmon and prawns. Followed by my nan’s famous tiramisu that I will make with her for some family bonding. But we will start with some fresh oysters from the fish market and would love to have the prosecco with them. Also might need the prosecco to keep everyone hydrated and happy so we can put up with each other in the tiny apartment!

  • Dee says:

    Chrissy plans are always centred around bubbly and family! A swim to start off in the morning at the local beach. Then It’s a family affair, with lots of a fresh food and the bubbles flowing for a long lunch, that’s usually finished with a movie someone got for Christmas and an afternoon nap – if you’ve had one too many drinks. Then some grazing on left overs for dinner!

  • Fiona Herron says:

    My Christmas Day plan is continuing annual tradition of orhoans christmas with the beautiful friends I’ve made since moving to Sydney 9 years ago. I create a theme each year and we play boardgames and watch die hard with great for and drinks. This years theme is a Luau so sparkling Prosecco would make an amazing addition to our day!

  • Graheme Newberry says:

    I will be spending Christmas with my parents and aunts and uncles, I would love to crack open la marca prosecco to make everyone’s day a lot more cheerful, and a little bit more silly

  • Joey Curtis says:

    When there’s only one way to spend the holidays: enjoying Christmas alfresco style with the Family best enhanced with Prosecco – the Italian ‘Champagne’, the sparkling ambrosia of Venetia; because popping bubbles is always an occasion, even when a bottle or La Marca in the chiller is the occasion <3

  • chelsea says:

    Christmas lunch at my boyfriends house, his parents, three brothers and all their family friends – 20 people! I need a good entrance with a box of prosecco!

  • Laura S says:

    To celebrate the first Christmas with my new baby, the best present ever!

  • Jo Roberts says:

    What a fabulous way to bring in Christmas day with family we haven’t seen for a year!

  • Katherine Garcia says:

    A posh BBQ and water flights, the perfect day for La Marca Italian Prosecco!

  • Hannah says:

    We are catching up with the fun side of the family so planning on lots of Prosecco, fun times and general silliness. Bring on the festive cheer!

  • Sarah says:

    Been waiting for Christmas day all year.
    We’ve rented a house on the river in Church Point, our family (who we haven’t had an opportunity to see for months) are coming up from Melbourne, and we’re all going to spend the day eating BBQ-ed seafood & paddling in kayaks until we physically can’t do either any more :)
    Nothing could more perfectly complete that scenario than a non-stop flow of delicious, fruity Prosecco!

  • Lisa G says:

    I have to drive from Campbelltown to Greenwich to visit the in-laws and the family! By the time I get home I’ll be in well-need for a glass/bottle of bubbly!!!

  • Paloma says:

    I will be in Sunny Queensland on Christmas Day. Away from all rellies. For the first time in a long time I will not be cooking for anyone.

  • Aileen Jeffrey says:

    Cracking open La Marca Italian Prosecco would make for a cracking 1st Christmas in Australia, joining my sister and her nieces for the first time! Family reunited – What better occasion to celebrate with some crisp, fruity, sparkly bubbles!

  • Holly says:

    First time ever that Christmas is being held at home. La March Italian Prosecco would pair nicely with my fruity trifle.

  • Renee McClenahan says:

    My Christmas Day plans involve an extended day of eating with my family and hopefully a baby announcement celebration! No doubt my kooky aunt will sing some Christmas Carols and a game of backyard cricket will ensue. Classic Aussie Christmas in the sun, with Prosecco by chance?

  • Trev Willson says:

    With such a special Xmas this year, we need a special wine to celebrate.
    Our daughter, husband and NEW baby Granddaughter will be joining us from NZ together with our son and fiancee from Melbourne.
    Our son leaves for 5 years overseas the week after so will be our last Xmas together as a family for a long time.

  • Asha Clark says:

    I will wake up traditionally at my parents with my new fiancé and unwrap pressies with my new nephew in tow.
    We have so much to celebrate this year andprosecco would be the best cheer

  • Jastine Lew says:

    This year is our first Christmas with our baby daughter so we would love to celebrate with a bottle of delicious LaMarca prosecco for her first Christmas and our first Christmas as a family.

  • My Christmas day plan is to decorate the reindeers, kill the tree, bake the gifts, gut the cake, wrap the salad and merrily drink Prosecco!

  • Jessica Capovilla says:

    Sparkle POP bubbles! La Marca prosecco would be the perfect drop to accompany our big, fat, Italian Christmas day festivities! PErfectION begins with an Aperol spritz to get the party started, followed by a glass of fresh crisp bubbles to accompany my mum’s world famous seafood salad. Then there’s more fresh flowing prosecco with the turkey that’s stuffed with ricotta, spinach and cranberries. Let’s finish off la giornata con La Marca with ricotta cake for dessert! Life doesn’t get any better than this!

  • Deb Lee says:

    Planning on spending Christmas Day with the family embroiled in a heated game of backyard cricket. The Prosecco will definitely come in handy for a post match drink and to drown everyone’s sorrows over losing the ball over the fence again for another year

  • Louise Jones says:

    I will be with my daughters and my extended family for the first time in 4 years. It will be a very special Christmas this year and winning will give us the opportunity to cheer each and every one of the 22 family members including my sister-in-law from Italy. What a way to go with Prosecco !

  • Helen O'Connor says:

    Our family will gather for the day as we do every 2nd year so that alternate years, Christmas can be spent at in-laws family gatherings without pressure. Each Christmas my brother brings his home-made Italian wine which is nice but it would be lovely to share this fine, beautiful Italian wine with family on this very special day.

  • Lauren Bourne says:

    My partner is English & his folks live in the UK. They are coming out to Australia for Christmas & our two families will meet for the first time on Christmas Day (also the first year my Dad hasn’t had to work Christmas Day, timed well!).
    I’m thinking G&T”s with some nibbles, followed by fresh cold seafood platter (& prosecco), but leaving room for the turkey & ham (because pretend white Christmas).

  • Shann Hulme says:

    This year we are celebrating Christmas with the family on Xmas eve. There will be 5 kids under 6, so come Xmas day I’m going to need a crisp glass of La Marta prosecco to wind back down!

  • Mandy Parker says:

    Christmas Day will be interesting with the ex step family so to ensure the ice is definitely broken, would love to win a case of La Marca Italian Procesco 💚💚 and share it with our “family”

  • Laura says:

    Christmas Day will involve turning my phone off, laying by the pool and consuming many a charcuterie plate. A fruity Prosecco would be the perfect companion.

  • Jason Goldstein says:

    flying to Qld Sunshine Coast for Xmas days and a few more with my partner to her Mum’s house for some great home cooked lunches and dinners.

    Mum’s love this stuff, so why not encourage its consumption by having a tipple myself!

  • Michelle Jones says:

    My Christmas Day always, but always, starts with a glass of bubbly and sliced ham on toast. This delightful tradition will only be improved with such a bottle of fine Italian Prosecco!

  • Kristin says:

    Would love to pop open a few bottles of La Marca Italian Prosecco this Christmas as we are having some special visitors from Brazil stay and want to make it a Christmas they won’t forget!

  • katie fleming says:

    Out the back, under the tree, with the Fam, doing ours ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of 2016.
    Bubbles not just suggested but absolutely required.

  • Alison Tawharu says:

    My family live in NZ so I’ll be having a champagne breakfast with my flatmates, Christmas lunch with my best friends family, where turning up with a couple of bottles would never be turned down, and then dinner with friends and their tribe of children, which seems as good a time as any to finish the case (and probably a necessity)! Obviously a case of La March Italian Prosecco would make my Christmas Day even better (and slightly cheaper!)! Thanks guys and Merry Christmas

  • Melanie McPhillips says:

    Having an Orphan Xmas lunch followed by drinks and good times with a couple of friends as none of us have family here, so we are going to spend it together to still make sure we are celebrating the best way we can.. which will be perfect if accompanied by La March Italian Prosecco!!

  • jeffrey nock says:

    I will be on the water at hunters hill with the family, we normally drink Prosecco every Christmas, so there couldn’t really be a better competition to win! The fuity flavor of La March Italian Prosecco will go down a treat with our prawn cocktails and leg of coca cola ham!

  • I will be travelling to the Gold Coast with my 2 sons to spend Christmas with my mother. My father passed away suddenly in November and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my mother at this special time of the year.

  • Ron Cashmere says:

    Christmas for us is all about family. Taking time out of our busy lives, getting together and enjoying quality food and drinks and just enjoying the moment in each others company. A glass or two of La Marca Prosecco will be the perfect drink for this occasion as Prosecco for us is special, festive and perfect for the rlaxed Australian lifestyle that we will be enjoying on Christmas day

  • barbara toson says:

    me (single mom) and my baby will be joining some Jewish friends for Xmas lunch, proof that Xmas spirit of togetherness is alive and well :-) we would love to bring some Italian wine with as as mummy (me) is Italian!!! we could even have a spritz in your honour if we win!!!

  • Tam van Wyk says:

    Originally from South Africa, this is going to be my first Christmas in Australia. Having no family here, I’m really fortunate that my very good friend Sarah has kindly invited me to spend this festive day with her and her family. Having not met them before, it would be splendid to be able to arrive with 6 bottles of beautiful bubbles to extend my gratitude for their kindness and generosity at opening their home to a little orphaned South African. Nothing beats great company, love and bubbles :)

  • Chrissy says:

    Im 32 and a non drinker, always have been and whilst everyone has been drinking and socialising around me, I have had to sit on a glass of Juice most nights. But just recently I had a glass of Prosecco, and im a changed woman!!! its the only thing I drink, I take it to events, to friends houses and even to restaurants because I don’t want to miss out, and there’s nothing else I can handle to drink – people think Im crazy, imagine if I had a whole case! That would be the best Christmas present! I would love to share it with my family and friends when they attend my Christmas bash at mine house and spread the word and get them to try this delicious drink that’s easy to drink and so versatile! Im already planning a cocktail station for the event – this will help me out heaps!

  • Jess Armstrong says:

    this Christmas I will be spending my day showing my partner, who has just moved here from the UK, how we spend the silly season down under – with refreshing bubbly in the sun rather than warming eggnog in the snow!

  • Kahli Morrison says:

    Christmas Morning I will be travelling to Surry Hills to assist Mission Australia deliver a superb Christmas Lunch for homeless people and those less advantaged. In the night I will be joining my family for a good aussie bbq and drinks. 2016 will be something to remember

  • Chow Wong says:

    Spending it at my sister’s – boyfriend’s mum’s house for the 5th year running but my mum, aunty and uncle from the UK will be here this year! It’s always a party of 15-25 people of relatives and partners. Love to share the prosecco with everyone as it’s great to see the grown ups be silly too! (I’m 28 btw but everyone is still more grown up than me!)

  • Theresa says:

    I’ll be in windy Wellington with Kiwi pals, hoping for some sun for our outdoor Christmas brunch!

  • Kristen says:

    Celebrating Christmas Day has been a tradition since we were little with the whole lampoon-style, loud, amazing family. Now that we’re all older we can appreciate it’s also Mum’s Birthday too. Definitely cause for celebration with a case of Prosecco, to spoil the beautiful calm lady in our crazy lives.

  • Mel Mewburn says:

    This christmas, our extended family will be waking up to a fruit salad with yoghurt and praline for breakfast, followed by a ridiculously humongous cheese board – Dad has already custom made the board – filled with all of the cheeses, nuts, breads, fruits, charcuterie and fresh scallops and prawns. We will end the feast with a yummy mango and lime vacherin for dessert. Hopefully we will be washing it down with this beautiful Prosecco, which sounds like it was made specifically for our menu! Perfect day :)

  • Ellie rugg says:

    Since getting back from
    Italy in July, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect prosecco! This Christmas we’re having a fresh and light family lunch at the beach and absolutely nothing could match caprese salad, prawns and bruschetta better he prosecco!!! Cheers!!

  • Nichola says:

    After 18 months of negotiating and saving up we finally managed to build a balcony outside our unit. We plan to hold several long promised but long delayed barbecues for friends and family over the Christmas break and having prosecco freely filling our newly purchased glasses would just make Christmas even more special and enhance the party mood! Just thinking about waking up Christmas morning and popping a bottle of prosecco outside is making me wish the time away!

  • Jennifer Hart says:

    Having just moved from the UK I don’t know many people, but who wouldn’t invite someone for lunch with a case of La March Italian Prosecco!? I can’t wait to pop open a bottle and celebrate my move!

  • Rebecca says:

    Our Christmas “Day” started on the 4th of December and finishes on the 28th! Big families, divorces, remarriages, cousins, steps and in-laws our festive season is a month! All that crazy pressure is plenty reason to drink!

  • Talia says:

    My Christmas will be quiet and spent with a small group of friends as I cannot make it back to New Zealand to see my family. So this wonderful and delicious wine will help soothe the pain of not being with family but also add fun to spending it with friends! A great way to start seeing out 2016.

  • Stefany says:

    This year there’d be a big family Christmas get together since my marriage. Family gatherings calls for a celebration in itself, and what better way to pimp it up with some Prosecco – my favourite! Relatives old and young, near and far (local and some international ones flying bak) will all be coming together for some Christmas cheer, a potluck meal and the occasional bad jokes that never gets tired. Merry Christmas all and don’t go easy on the turkey!

  • Antoinette Joyce says:

    We all get together on Christmas Day
    We bring out the best seafood buffet.
    Paired with Prosecco, it’s refreshing and light.
    Fill our bellies ’til we can’t eat another bite!!

  • Belinda says:

    Christmas Day for us starts with the annual 5am wake up call ‘santas been!” And from there it’s all about family , friends …and food!!! This amazing prize will compliment our cold meat platters, seafood , fresh salads and festive decadent desserts! Can’t wait 😘

  • Jane Thwaite says:

    My family travel from all over the globe for the festive season and so we’ll definitely be toasting our togetherness with a delicious, refreshing glass of Prosecco because it’s the perfect drink to celebrate Christmas time (and any time for that matter!)

  • Louise Huesmann says:

    Christmas Day means unwinding from a long day at work with good food, good people, good tunes and a glass of Prosecco in hand (hint hint).

  • Jessie says:

    Nothing can beat Christmas morning with our family! The tradition is waking up after a nice leisurely sleep in, while my grandmother prepares waffles and ice cream for breakfast, as chrism carols are blasted! These waffles are always washed down with a few glasses of Prosecco and a strawberry or two… the perfect combination 😍

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