Jurassic Lounge Aperol Spritz Competition

To celebrate the return of Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum we’ve teamed up with sponsor Aperol to give one lucky winner the perfect summer prize pack. The Aperol Spritz is Italy’s most widely consumer cocktail and it’s really easy to make.

Aperol Spritz

Step 1: Grab a tumbler glass and follow these simple steps:

Step 2: 3 parts of Prosecco or dry white wine

Step 3: 2 parts Aperol

Step 4: 1 splash of soda

Step 5: Add ice and a slice of orange to the glass. Pour in the Prosecco, then the Aperol before adding a dash of soda and stirring gently.

The Aperol Spritz is all about sharing the company of others so to enter…

Tell us in 25 words or less if you could invite 4 people (dead or alive) round for Aperol Spritz Time who would they be and why?

Most creative wins the following prize pack:

  • 2 x Jurassic Lounge tickets ($15 each = $30)
  • 1 x bottle of Aperol
  • 1x bottle of prosecco
  • 1 x bottle of soda water
  • 2 x glasses
  • 2 x Aperol straws
  • 2 x Aperol coasters

Write your answers in the comments section below. Winner will be announced next Wednesday 8th February by 5pm.

Aperol Spritz Facebook

Jurassic Lounge website: http://www.jurassiclounge.com/ (Open every Tuesday 5.30pm-9.30pm Jan 31st-April 3rd 2012)


  • Olivia says:

    Marilyn Monroe & Janis Joplin: They clearly lacked quiet drinks & gentle chats.

    David Attenborough & Douglas Adams: To tell us enchanting, hilarious stories

  • Chantelle says:

    Robert de niro – C’mon, does he really need and explaination? A Italian drink, being downed by THE Italian.
    Gordon Ramsey – Im sure he’ll find a way to create a new Aperol-based drink while there.
    Audrey Hepburn – She’ll make my party look cool
    Ms Darlinghurst – So she can blog about how cool my party was

  • Claire says:

    Richard Branson – for great stories
    Michael Jackson – rocking party beats
    Amelia Earhart – what happened?!
    My Grandad – because I miss him so much.

  • lee says:

    There is no one else I could want with me more than my group of best friends, “sms”, “matt”, “jarred” and “susan”.

  • Aradhna says:

    Angelina Jolie and brad Pitt – best looking pair around
    Best friend trish – comedian
    Donald trump – to pay for the night

  • Suzy says:

    Jeff Goldblum – ‘star’ of Jurassic Park
    Charles Darwin – I think he would like to see where Origin of Species Cannon has got us
    My Mum – because we both love Prosecco

  • Suzy says:

    Jeff Goldblum – ‘star’ of Jurassic Park
    Charles Darwin – I think he would like to see where Origin of Species Cannon has got us
    My Mum – because we both love Prosecco

  • Kristin says:

    My grandmother – who loved a spritz, my two best friends from Melbourne who I rarely get to see and a carl barron for some light entertainment!

  • Carmit says:

    My Husband
    Oprah Winfrey
    Ryan Seacrest
    That will be the most intresting conversation ever i will just have to listen!

  • Ally says:

    The Kardashians – Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kris. They might become interesting after an Aperol Spritz.

  • Allison says:

    Julia Child and Peter Mayle for their interesting stories on wining and dining in France. Gianni Versace for a fabulous dress to wear, and hopefully an invite to his yacht for after dinner drinks! And Tim Burton for a bit of fun and quirkiness.

  • Angelina Jolie – beautiful humanitarian
    Kiefer Sutherland – Jack Bauer CTU!!
    Colin Farrell – Irish hottie
    Jerry Seinfeld – to chat a lot about nothing

  • Jess says:

    Four Italians:

    Caligula (1st century Roman Emperor)- anyone who makes his horse a senator has got to be entertaining, if also a little scary

    Sophia Loren – because she is downright gorgeous and an icon and must have some marvellous gossip that she’s gained over the years

    Leonardo da Vinci – I want to know how much he turned in his grave over Dan Brown’s conspiracy fest!

    Robert de Niro – ok so he’s only half Italian but he’s a legend and I’ve had a crush on him since I was about 8!

  • Gloriaeffe says:

    Casanova – Intriguing love stories around Venetian Spritz assured…
    Spielberg – Who else for Jurassic Park?!
    Bolt – You said Spritz or Sprint?
    KimKardashian – Spritz needs Hollywood glitz!

  • Ken says:

    Jim Lovell (A) – How did he pilot a disabled washing machine to the moon and get everyone back alive?

    Egon Schiele (D) – Where would his creativity taken him if the Spanish Flu didn’t?

    Robert Kennedy (D) – Would he have been the greatest President the USA ever had?

    Paul Keating (A) – is there anything he doesn’t have an opinion on?

  • Pete says:

    Oedipus, Oedipus’ mum, Oedipus’ dad, Dr Phil. They got some stuff needs sorting out, and a good drink might help.

  • vivian says:

    Michael Jackson, Queen Elizabeth II, Tim Burton, and best friend cause after a few drinks we’ll all be having a ball with no inhibitions, just being our crazy silly selves.

  • Willow says:

    Dr Seuss – as I love his quirky style and books.
    Bear Grills – I am sure he knows 101 other ways to have an Aperol Spritz.
    Steve Irwin – may give Bear Grills a run for his money.
    Adriano Zumbo – need I say more, I can only imagine the dessert he would create to go with an Aperol Spritz.

  • Joy says:

    Keith Richards – Because he’s a legendary rocker with amazing stories
    John Kennedy Toole – For his wit and humour
    Wim Delvoye – For his incredible and subversive mind
    Tracey Emin – So I can teach her how to make her bed

  • Mel says:

    Jesus, Buddha, Abraham and Moses. Let’s settle a few differences of opinion over a delicious cold Aperol Spritz, and toast to peace on earth

  • David Egan says:

    God and ask why
    Lee Hatvey Oswald conspiracy or alone
    Shakespere did you write everything
    Nostradamus it was a joke wasn’t it

    Competition submission.

  • enzo says:

    Rene Redzepi
    Peter Gilmore
    Mark Stuart Best
    David Chang

    now that’s dinner party to remember!!
    Imagine the conversation… sustainabilty.. modern food trends… the future of food!!
    how aperol can be incorporated into their cooking.


  • Tony Goodwin says:

    75 and running! First Spritz with wife in Perugia. Love to return with kids to share a Spritz.

  • Kateo Dellabosca says:

    Jeff Goldblum – table conversation and general dino-knowledge
    Taluah Bankhead – for her southern drawl, darrrrling
    Amy Winehouse – to be my boozing partner and overall entertainment (sans O.D)
    Samuel L Jackson – for when it’s time to go the f*** to sleep

  • Sharon says:

    Madonna – wanna see the face, learn a few moves
    Jesus Christ – gotta few questions, plus Madge would appreciate it
    Matt Moran – sexy foodie man
    Me (Duplicate)- wanna see what I do

  • Matty says:

    Bon Scott – for a wild party
    Elvis – to continue the party
    Diana – to see how she really died
    George Bush – to see if 9/11 was an inside job

  • Nicola says:

    My husband – 25 years this month, so it’s a given!
    My 18 year old daughter & plus one – to show them how to drink with style, class and quality
    And Ms Darlinghurst to say thank you!

  • Roger says:

    Dame Edna Everage – For some glamour and to great us “Hello Possums!”
    Lance Armstrong – Incase we run out of snacks he can cycle down to the shop.
    Nicolas Tesla – Can provide interesting party lighting.
    Michael Jackson – Because he walked on the moon.

  • Rachel Hill says:

    Corinne – my best mate that I havent had a drink with since she was pregnant with her first child 11 years ago purely because we have both been breeding.
    Alice – close friend that works as much as she cares for her kids.
    Amy – long suffering friend that deserves a drink for her troubles.
    Ange – someone that surprises me everyday
    These four women may not be rock stars but they are my rocks and they deserve to be treated like stars!

  • Gabriela says:

    Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Gweneth Paltrow – the interactions should be interesting!

  • Kristina says:

    Oscar Wilde- cause he can handle his liquor
    Michael Fassbender- sexy and a great partier!
    Claire Danes- to lend her natural charm and class to the party
    Marie Antoinette- she was a party girl in her day and so I’m sure she’d go OFF!!!

  • Richelle says:

    Marilyn Monroe to admire.
    Eddie Murphy for laughs.
    Paul Walker for his looks.
    My best mate Colby :)

  • Alyssa says:

    Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, Louis Theroux and Henry Rollins to ask all the questions everyone wants to know about the inner workings of the minds of cult leaders.

  • Mahesh says:

    Moamar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Ladin, Gandhi. It would make for some interesting conversation..

  • Melissa says:

    Steve Martin
    The Brothers Grimm
    Alain De Botton
    Tim Ross

    So I could have a hilarious, macabre time while deconstructing the evening through comedy, fairytale and philosophy.

  • Jason says:

    Lou Diamond Phillips – I just feel he gets overlooked sometimes, maybe he’s dead I’m not sure.

    Bob Katter – I dig his flavour.

    Eddie Emin – to beat the fuck out of Bob Katter.

    Paul Potts – goes without saying really.

  • terri says:

    Jesus – to get the real low down and if we run out of Aperol, he can do that trick with the water.

    Billy Connelly – one of the funniest guys alive.

    Michael Parkinson – with him you would get quite a few good stories!

    My sister – give her a break for one night from the kids and husband!

  • ann says:

    Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens (sadly, deceased), Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett – 4 giants of modern atheism, my heroes.

  • Sophia says:

    Oscar Wilde for the conversation, Vincent Van Gough for his beautiful spirit, Roddy McDowall for the gossip, and William S Burroughs for when the party really gets going.

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