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Zeta Cryogenic Sorbet and Cocktail Bar

[ 0 ] February 16, 2010 |

The last few Fridays have been rainy and miserable and the last thing most people feel like doing is eating ice blocks and sorbet. But if you’re an addict like me anytime, rain or shine warrants frozen concoctions. Step away from the usual Friday 5.30pm beer or G&T and try something different at Zeta Bar (Hilton Hotel).

Every Friday until the end of March Zeta Bar will be transformed into a 50’s inspired ice cream parlour ‘The Cryogenic Sorbet and Cocktail Bar’ They are serving classic cocktails cryogenically frozen served as fresh sorbet, nitro puffs and champagne ice-blocks.

I went a few Fridays ago with some friends and we set about trying every single flavour (purely for research purposes of course!) Here’s the low down:

Assorted Sorbet Flavours (cone or small cup is $4, large cup is $6):

Mojito- Yum!
Margarita- Very Strong but good, they even put salt in it!
Pina Colada- My favourite flavour!
Spiced Black Raspberry Mule- Yum if you enjoy berries!
Negroni- Too sweet for my liking…or should I say licking!
Raspberry Clover Club- Very tarty!

Champagne Ice Blocks on Forks ($5) Strong! You can taste the alcohol and the texture of the ice block makes your tongue go slightly numb but very yummy.

Nitro Puffs ($10 for 3 puffs) What’s a Nitro Puff? It’s a cryogenically frozen cocktail that looks like a whipped cream puff and is dipped in dry ice. First sip some water then place the puff in your mouth, bite down and close your mouth then breathe in through your nose. The puff disappears into a cloud of smoke and comes out through your nose and mouth making for an excellent Puff The Magic Dragon impersonation. (Definitely worth a try).

The staff are super sweet and it’s definitely something different to try on a Friday night after work.

Zeta Cryogenic Sorbet and Cocktail Bar
Level 4, Hilton Sydney, 488 George Street
(02) 9265 6070
Every Friday night from 5 – 9pm until the end of March

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