Comedy Night at The Sugar Mill

Two carrots were crossing the road. One was run over by a car. After taking the injured carrot to the hospital the doctor says, “Well the good news is that your friend is going to live, the bad news is he’s going to be a vegetable for the rest of his life”. *Sympathy Laugh*

This is an example of a very poor joke. If you are looking for something entertaining and slightly funnier than the above attempt at humor head to The Sugar Mill on a Tuesday night for their weekly comedy evening.

Last Tuesday some friends and I joined a somewhat intimate crowd of people at the upstairs bar for 3 rounds of standup comedy.

The host for the evening fired the audience up followed by 2 amateurs followed by the main act Mick Meredith (seen on The Footy show). The crowd was mixed with a few couples who had eaten dinner there earlier, a girlie birthday group, a few tables of locals and more tables of travelers from the UK. Dinner and show starts at 7pm and is $25 though the food looks pretty average. I recommend the show only option for $10 which start 8.30pm sharp (any later they don’t let you in).

*Good date idea- if your date happens to be dead boring at least you don’t need to try and make idle chit chat and can bolt straight after the last act (around 10pm).

The SugarMill

33-37 Darlinghurst Rd

Kings Cross, 2011

(02) 93687333

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  • Ms Darlinghurst says:

    News Flash!!

    Last Tuesday Robin Williams blessed an unassuming crowd at Sugarmill with an impromptu 25 minute performance. Gary Eck was set to headline the evening but when he got on stage and noticed Williams sitting amongst the crowd he offered his spot.

    Apparently the highlight of the set was when a woman got up to go to the bathroom and Williams launched right into her. Personally I think I’d rather pee my pants than miss Robin Williams. What was she thinking?

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